Alchemy for Windows

I have played recently a great game on Android, called Alchemy, created by Andrey Zaikin. You start with four basic elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth and you can combine them to get more and more elements. The game was so catching that after finishing it I decided to write my own version for Windows. I chose WPF because I wanted to learn it and because I realized the stuff I wanted to create was too hard to do in MFC. This is my first real application in WPF, and what you see is the result of 4 days of work; in MFC it could have been 4 months, I believe.

You start with the four basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. You can combine them by dragging onto each other on the central area of the window, “the desktop”. When new elements are created they are added to one of the two lists from the left area. The top list has elements that can be combined again. The bottom list contains terminal elements, i.e. elements that can no longer be combined. You can drag elements from the non-terminals list back to the desktop area, but not from the terminals list.

You can quickly bring onto the desktop the four basic elements by double clicking on an empty area of it. Double clicking on an element from the desktop creates a duplicate of it. You can remove an element from the desktop by dragging it over the trash can icon. You can remove all the elements from the desktop by double clicking on the trash can.

When the number of elements gets too big scrolling through the list might be cumbersome. You can use the search textbox to filter the elements in the list. As you type only the elements that contain the typed text are displayed. It you press the X button of the textbox or clear its content, the list displays again all the unlocked elements.

On the right area of the window you find a help pane. When you select an element from one of the two lists on the left side, you can see a list of all the unlocked combinations in which the elements appears (either as input or output).

There are also several buttons: Cheat, Wikipedia, Help and About. Button Cheat opens a new window that displays the list of all available elements. So if you get stuck and don’t know what elements are left to discover you can cheat and see the list.

Button Wikipedia starts a search on Wikipedia for the currently selected element. Buttons Help and About display information about the game.

Note that your game progress is saved when you close the game and loaded when you start again. The information is stored in a file with your Windows user name and extension .aus. Don’t delete the file or you lose your game progress.

Here is the alphabetical list of all the 210 elements available in version 1.0:

Air Cochineal Gunpowder Ozone Soldier
Airplane Coffin Hippopotamus Panda Star
Alcohol Combustion engine Hourglass Paper Starfish
Algae Computer House Pearl Steam
Arable Concrete Hunter Penguin Steam engine
Arm Continent Hut Penicillin Steamer
Ash Corpse Hydrogen Perfume Stone
Assassin Country Ice Petroleum Storm
Bacteria Darth Vader Jedi Pie Sulfur
Barbeque Desert Kerogen Pinocchio Sun
Beach Diamond Knife Pizza Swamp
Bear Dinosaur Lava Planet Tequila
Beast Dough Library Plankton The Beatles
Beer Dragon Lichen Plesiosaur Thunderstorm
Beetle Dragonfly Life Poison Tiger
Bicycle Dust Light Poisoned weapon Time
Bird Earth Lightbulb Polar Bear Tom and Jerry
Bitumen Egg Lightsaber Pressure Tool
Boat Electricity Lime Pterosaur Tornado
Boiler Energy Limestone Radar Tortoise
Book Fern Livestock Radio Transistor
Bread Fire Lizard Rain Tree
Brick Firearm Locomotive Rainbow Turtle
Butterfly Fish Man Sand Uncut diamond
Cactus Fisherman Manure Santa claus Universe
Car Flour Meat Scarab Vodka
Carbon dioxide Flower Metal Scientist Volcano
Carmine Flu Milk Scissors Wagon
Cat Fly Mite Scorpion Warrior
Caviar Fondue Mold Seed Water
Cement Forest Monkey Shark Watermelon
Cheese Fossil Moon Shell Whale
Chicken Fruit Moss Silicon Wheat
Chip Fugu Motorboat Sith Wheel
Christmas tree Galaxy Motorcycle Sky Wind
City Gasoline Mouse Skyscraper Wine
Clay Geyser Mud Snail Wood
Cloth Ghost Mushroom Snake Wooden ship
Clothing Glass Ocean Snow Wool
Cloud Grape Old man Snowman Worm
Coal Grass Omelette Soda water Yeast
Coca cola Grove Oxygen Solar system Yogurt

Note: In order to run the game you need .NET framework 3.5 SP1.

Stay tuned, updates with more elements are coming!

Update: Download the latest version from here.

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    Hi, I spent several hours in playing your alchemy-game and im almost finished. The only things missing ere “time” and “planet” (which would lead to solar system i assume) and “santa clause”. Are you shure that these alements can be produced at all?

    Anyway, thanks for making this wonderful game availiable on windows – i loved to play it.

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    Yes, I double checked it for you and Time, Planet, Solar System, Santa Claus, all can be achieved. All of them are quite logical. Maybe time is a little bit harder, but if you want I can give you hints. 😉

    Stay tuned, an update with lots of cool elements is coming. As a sneak peak, there will be Pharaoh, Anubis, Robin Hood, Captain Nemo, Vampire, Batman, Twilight Saga, Jungle Book and others.

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    Very well done..
    but I just couldn’t resist:

    var assembly = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(Alchemy.AlchemyCombination));
    var type = assembly.GetType(“Alchemy.AlchemyCombinations”);
    var property = type.GetProperty(“Combinations”);
    var getMethod = property.GetGetMethod();
    AlchemyCombination[] combinations = (AlchemyCombination[]) getMethod.Invoke(null, null);

    using(TextWriter writer = new StreamWriter(“cheat.txt”))
    foreach (AlchemyCombination combi in combinations.OrderBy(x => x.InputElement1.Name))

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    oh and *** Spoiler alert *** on that previous comment.

    and again: well done, thanks!

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    Anyone with a little knowledge about .NET and reflection can do that, of course. The idea would be to try to find the combinations yourself. 😉

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    There is a bug with the Bread element. It is defined as terminal, but as you can see in the picture it is used to create another (terminal) element. An update will be released soon with this problem fixed.

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    Thanks for clearifying that all of the elements can be done. Finally I found out what combinations are neede for the last ones an dim finished now. I can’t wait for new elements to come :-)

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    Sorry Peter, I was wrong. There is a bug in the program. 3 elements, Bread, Hourglass and Snow are defined as terminals but they are needed to make other elements. I have fixed this and will release an update soon with 50 more elements.

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    Latest version with 50 new elements and bugs fixed is available here

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    Kamlanjan @ 2010-09-26 18:25

    Great game.. but is there any cheats with the combinations.

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    No, there are no cheats for combinations, only the list of all available elements. But you can see Thijs’ approach (see above), if you are familiar with .NET.

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    Hello. I’ve found about 120 elements but I’m missing the most important one : “Man”. Could you give me some hints about obtaining it? I’m quite confused and I tried a lot of combinations.

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    I suggest you download the latest version (currently 1.3) and try the new feature, Hints. If still not able to make it, I’ll give you hints. There is the link to the latest download

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    Istrate Braila @ 2010-10-10 13:37

    The new version is far more better. The “Hints” button is excellent. But, this means I have to start again from zero, right? I can’t use the old saves from 1.2 on 1.3, right?

    Also, I’d like a hint about how to create “Men” on the 1.2 Alchemy. Thank you very much for your time and for this awesome game.

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    No, no, you can use the old saves. You don’t have to start from scratch. Just keep the user file with the extension .aus (having the name of your Windows account) and you’re all set. All you have to do is replace the executable.

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    Hi. I absolutly love this game but I cant save my progress which is slightly annoying and I also cant see the bottom part – hint, cheat etc once i get a certain amount of elements. Please help :)

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    The game does not work on notebooks. It requires a minimum resolution that is larger than the one you have on a notebook. I know what you are describing, I tried it on an EEE PC. Maybe in the future I will make changes so that it works on smaller resolution, but I don’t consider it a priority.

    As for saving it should work. Just don’t run directly it from the zip archive. Progress is saved in a file having your windows account name and extension .aus.

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    Hi, it would be great if you could add an option to NOT combine already combined elements. It is just annoying to drop water over fire by mistake get steam and have to replace the elements again… One cannot remember all the combinations tested already. This option is in the android version of the game.
    Thanks …

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    Yes, I put this feature on the TODO list.

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    Brian Preble @ 2010-11-13 05:36

    We desperately need rubberband selection of elements, as well as (possibly) an “add all” button. Though I would prefer being able to select multiple elements via the normal Windows methods.

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    Janine Forton @ 2010-11-24 05:37

    Hi I love your game, but am having problems updating. When I try I’m told that the zipped file is empty. What am I doing wrong I can’t wait to be able and try to make the new elements. Help

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    The latest version of the game is always available here: Please make sure your browser cache does not influence the download. I had problems because of the cache, the browser didn’t download the latest version. But in any version, the zip archive was not empty. So your downloaded file might be corrupted some how. Maybe try with another browser.

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    Zoltán Perge @ 2010-11-24 23:02

    Dear Marius!

    I’ve downloaded your Alchemy for Windows app and really liked it. I’d like to ask you if you could make a Hungarian language “addon”? I can send you the translation if it helps. :)

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    Yes, adding Hungarian is possible, all I need is help from someone speaking Hungarian to translate the files. Looks like you’re willing to help so I’ll drop you an email.

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    I installed the most recent version of the .net framework, and i keep getting the following error message “To run this application, you must first install one of the following versions of the .net framework: v2.0.50727”. Why is this happening, and how do i remedy it? If it helps, i’m currently running XP SP3. Also, when i click on “Yes” to install the .net framework, it takes me to the page of the version i already have.

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    Try deleting the app.config file and see if you still get the same error.

  27. Gravatar

    now it says it can’t find a version of the runtime. is it possible there was a problem with the installation of .net?

  28. Gravatar

    re-installed .net and still getting the same messages

  29. Gravatar

    never mind, it works if i install .net 3.5 instead of .net 4 :)

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    Hi can you please give me a hint? How do I make Pharahon? Pyramid + …..?

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    You have the hints features in the game? Why don’t you use that? If you don’t have the latest version, you can download it from here: If still not helpful, yes, I can give you hints. 😉

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    I tried hint feature but i just can’t do it….Pharaon is Pyramid + something but i can’t find it….I’ll be very happy if you’ll help me with that element.

  33. Gravatar

    A pharaoh is a…

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    Can I used this on Windows Mobile if I have .NET 3.5 installed on it? I have 480 x 800 WVGA resolution.

    Also, I have found 140/400, but for the life of me I can’t get alcohol!! My husband keeps laughing at me because that was one of the first things he got on his Android and that combination doesn’t work here.

    Thanks. I am loving this :-)

  35. Gravatar

    I’m sorry but the game that does work at such small resolutions. Never tried it on a Windows Mobile, but probably a important part of the window will not be visible.

    As for alcohol, it’s not that hard. However, is not the same combination as on Android. You can use the Hints feature.

  36. Gravatar


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    Brian Preble @ 2011-01-10 23:30

    A suggestion if I may. I’ve long since completed all 400 elements, but I doubt I’ve found every combination to form them. Could you add an Unlocked Combinations indicator, and perhaps expand hints to aid in a true 100% score?

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    ej rouse @ 2011-01-14 19:21

    Ive downloaded this game, its brilliant! my only problem is when i close it out it deletes my game progress. Ive made numerous attempts to even double save it..ive gotten to 245 elements…ugh..and have to start over..

  39. Gravatar

    You must not put it in Program Files, because it won’t be able to save the progress there, and you must not run it directly from the zip archive. You can also save and load to/from any file, if you press the More button and then use the Save and Load options.

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    FordPrefect @ 2011-01-29 17:20

    Hello, I was wondering, since I’ve seen versions of this game on iOS, Android, and now Windows, all with the same concept and similar or the same graphics & combinations: Is the concept for the game open-source? I would like the opportunity to port this excellent puzzle game to the webOS platform, but want to know what sort of legal hurdles there may be first. If possible could you email me with any information you have? Thanks.

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    Jennifer @ 2011-01-31 07:13

    You should make this game as an app for the iPhone or iPod touch. That would be awesome because I can’t find any versions that come close to this or the android version. This game is wonderful and addictive! Great job!

  42. Gravatar

    @Jennifer, sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have neither the time nor the knowledge to develop a version of the game for iPhone/iPad. But maybe there is someone willing to do that. It’s not that hard after all.

  43. Gravatar

    @FordPerfect, I don’t know of anybody holding copyrights for the concept of the game. If there is someone, then I might have a problem myself. So I’d say you’re completely free to develop a version for another (or actually any) platform.

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    Koppa Dasao @ 2011-02-01 01:46

    Just a note: Cochineals and Coccinellidaes are quite different insects. I see you’re using the latter to depict the former, but cochineals aren’t ladybugs.

  45. Gravatar

    Thanks for pointing that out. I agree that not all the images are the best pick. However, the hardest part of the implementation was to find the appropriate images and adjust them if necessary. So it’s likely that some elements can be better depicted with other images.

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    Gabriele @ 2011-02-16 14:49

    Me and my children love your game. How can we suggest new combination?

    Such as “turtle+weapon=roman legion” ?
    and “roman legion + gunpowder = infantry”
    “infantry + engine = tank”

    and so on?

  47. Gravatar

    I’m glad you like the game and any kind of suggestions, including combinations, are always welcomed. As for combination suggestions, the only way you can do it right now is by dropping a comment here on my blog. The combinations you suggested are good and I’ll consider them for a next release when new elements will be available. The only problem is that the game already has 400 elements, which is quite many in my opinion, so I have to be selective and not release lot of new elements, otherwise people will get bored, I believe.

  48. Gravatar
    Gabriele @ 2011-02-16 16:11

    as you wish, anyway we prepared literally tons of suitable items. Maybe it’s better if I send you an email (also to prevent sharing hints…)

  49. Gravatar

    Yes, please feel free to send me emails with suggestions. My email is

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    thank you for this nice game.
    I tried it on two different XP PCs and in both I cannot set the options: when I click the checkbox to enable them, the check appears and then disappears again.

    On this PC I’ve installed .NET framework 3.5 SP1, the other one should be 3.5.

    Any idea?

    P.S.: shouldn’t be 1UP + Corpse = Man 😉 ?

  51. Gravatar

    P.S. 2: “Whale” in Italian should translate as “Balena”. “Orca” is a “Killer-whale”.

  52. Gravatar

    Will try to look at this error on Win XP and see if I can reproduce. And thanks for the Italian correction. Looks like we have the same word in Italian and Romanian for Whale, Balena. 😉

  53. Gravatar

    I understand simple. Does this game run on Windows 7? Will Microsoft .Net Frame 4 Client Profile work?
    How big is the download file? Thanks!

  54. Gravatar

    Yes, it runs on every version of Windows where you can install .NET 3.5 SP1 or above. The download file is a little bit over 2MB.

  55. Gravatar
    LukeThaDuke @ 2011-03-19 08:54

    Trying to figure out Cat from Mouse is driving me insanely mad. lol

  56. Gravatar
    LukeThaDuke @ 2011-03-19 09:19

    got it lol

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    I tried twice to install but it fails immediately. Downloaded to computer, clicked on exe file, got popup box for instructions, clicked on run (the only choice) and then another popup reading “Alchemy stopped running”. Did it on both Windows 7 and Vista Home Premium.

  58. Gravatar
    BobJoberson @ 2011-04-04 20:48

    Why isn’t this like the android app?
    and where are the cheats like the formula?

  59. Gravatar

    Because it is not the Android app? Only inspired from it?

  60. Gravatar

    You should unzip it to a local folder and run it. Don’t try to run it directly from the zip (though that should work too). And you need .NET framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your machine.

  61. Gravatar
    Koppa Dasao @ 2011-04-05 21:07

    @Bob: You’ll find cheats to both implementation at the wiki.

  62. Gravatar
    Kim in Texas @ 2011-04-13 02:20

    Is there a way to clear the work area without dragging the elements to the trash one by one? I did this by accident once but have not been able to do it again.

  63. Gravatar

    Yes, there is a method, and it’s documented here Just double click on the trash bin. You can also hold the control key and select some elements to delete, and the press Delete key to remove them from the desktop area.

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    Marius, thanks for all your hard work on this. We have a little girl who used to keep stealing my Android phone so she could play that version. It’s therefore wonderful to have a version she can play on her netbook!

    One problem, though. The screen she runs on is natively 1024 x 600 (small netbook screen). I’ve set the shortcut to the game to ensure it always runs maximised and when it is run it looks fine.

    Shortly after starting, however, the screen seems to “stretch” vertically and all the buttons, the waste basket and so on disappear. The only way to get them back is to close the program and run it again.

    Any thoughts?

  65. Gravatar

    This has been so far the most reported “bug”. However, it’s actually a feature, because it’s been implemented this way. I understand that people would like to play it on notebooks with small screen resolutions, but unfortunately for them I don’t have the time now to make it happen. Maybe in a few months, but I’m sure that won’t help you for now. Sorry about that.

  66. Gravatar

    Hi maruis

    i would like to translate alchemy to Hebrew
    if you think this is a good idea i would be happy to do it Voluntary

    please contact me

  67. Gravatar

    Hey Marius, I try to make the life with energy and swamp but I can’t

  68. Gravatar

    No, that doesn’t work, because life did not appear in the swamps, isn’t it? It was another environment where life appeared.

  69. Gravatar

    Hi there, i’ve been addicted to the game.. but.. cant seem to find Tomb raider.. 😡 I’ve tried the hint button.. but.. nothing so far 😐

    Any other hint please?

  70. Gravatar

    Tomb is the synonym for…? And Tomb Raider is a computer game.

  71. Gravatar

    How create Radio from Transistor?

  72. Gravatar

    This element might not be that easy; radio waves travel through…

  73. Gravatar

    I downloaded this game to try out as it looked interesting… I DL’d the newest version but when I tried to extract or run it the msg windows ‘experienced a problem and needs to close the program…

    Doesn’t even begin to run… I’m running XP – SP3

    any hints to getting this going??


  74. Gravatar

    My bad… Some days I can be soooo DUH!!! sorry…

  75. Gravatar

    I love your game but alot of the elements wo’nt work for me

  76. Gravatar

    and some elements are wrong

  77. Gravatar

    Well, all elements do work; many people have completed the game, so all the combinations are correct. As for some elements being “wrong”, well, you’d have to define wrong and give some examples. Though I admit, of course, that not all the combinations are straight forward, and some will require some context knowledge, such as computer games, or sports.

  78. Gravatar

    Hi, love the game, but really stuck on sugar and team. Any help please.

  79. Gravatar

    Before you can make sugar, you need sugar cane. Than just combine with something you probably used with many other elements before. As for team, it’s not straight forward, but think the Mario games and try to combine elements that are related to that.

  80. Gravatar

    Im having a real problem making arable i keep useing the hints but there are so many elements left that arable has not been one of the sugestions. Im kinda curious if it is still an element or if u changed its name or something because the android cheat for arable makes farm on the windows version if that makes sense lol

  81. Gravatar

    My game does not use the same combinations as the game on Android. They are different games. Well, to make arable, think of what makes the soil (earth) arable… It’s pretty easy, IMO.

  82. Gravatar
    JahWarley @ 2011-07-05 10:32

    Hi Marius,

    Your game is great!! Can you, please, give a hint for plutonium, It was hard to find Uranium because this one is usually from metal but I’m blocking on Plutonium…

  83. Gravatar

    Well, plutonium is obviously obtain from Uranium, but only some ‘specialized’ people know how to make it.

  84. Gravatar
    elva-magnolia @ 2011-07-08 15:47

    can you please help me to find the computer?

  85. Gravatar
    elva-magnolia @ 2011-07-08 15:54

    nvr mnd

  86. Gravatar
    Ron Grosland @ 2011-07-16 04:06

    I have a suggestion for more star wars related combanations. Who would I contact?

  87. Gravatar

    You can drop them in a comment here. Nobody will see them, since I have to approve the comments.

  88. Gravatar

    Hi, i am having real trouble with playing the game, the file downloads and unzips fine, but when started nothing happens, i have checked in the task manager and the .exe is running but apart from that no other evidence than that that it is running (apart from other things being slower) i have installed the latest .NET 4 and have windows 7, any suggestions?

  89. Gravatar

    This game was built with .NET 3.5 SP1. I don’t actually have a machine with only .NET 4.0 installed, but I guess it should work though. But you could try also installing .NET 3.5 SP1.

  90. Gravatar

    i’m very addicted to that game but got already all 444 elements… i hope there will be a update soon?! 😉

    thank you very much for that game!

  91. Gravatar

    Updates are possible, but can’t give any dates.

  92. Gravatar
    MrWallace @ 2011-07-29 11:15

    First a great compliment for the game. Very nicely done.

    I have some comments regarding the german translation. A few elements are translated with missleading or just wrong expressions. If you do a patch you may add these changes:

    english – german
    american football – “American Football”
    poisoned weapon – “vergiftete Waffe”
    diet – “Diät”
    leech – “Blutegel”
    infestation – “Verseuchung” or “Seuche”
    Terran – “Terraner”

    all others are very well translated.

    I’ll give some comments regarding the creation of certain elements next time.

  93. Gravatar

    All right, thank you for pointing that. I’ll fix the translation for the next update.

  94. Gravatar

    I am having difficulties with Uranium. I now know that Uranium is a radiactive metal used in nuclear weapons, that can be found in rocks and is formed in supernovas. I have tried all the possible combinations, but no success.
    Can you help me?

    Great game!

  95. Gravatar

    If you know it’s radioactive and it can be found in rocks then you have all the info you need to make Uranium.

  96. Gravatar

    Thank you Marius for an awesome version of Alchemy. Enough of the element combinations are different to make it interesting. I have a questions about the hints function. It has only shown two, Ghost from Life and Bird from Air. At the moment I stuck on Man (among other but its my priority) I’m running Ver 2.0.5 on Windows 7 w/ .Net 4 Extended. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

  97. Gravatar

    Hints work the following way: they show you an element you can create from an existing one (the second you’ll have to discover yourself). If you have elements on the desktop (the combination area) and new elements can be created from them, the hints window always use that first. Otherwise, it looks in the list of all the other elements to see what can be unlocked.

    To unlock Man you have to think in terms of evolution.

  98. Gravatar
    MrWallace @ 2011-08-11 13:55

    Hello again,

    I think it would be cool to add a feature to see the number of possible equations, not just elements, and to add a little sign to an element if it has been used in every possible equation. So that the final phase of the game is not so hard.
    For example “the beatles” are not a terminal element although I havent used it in any equation and I have all elements. Same with VW beatle or ball.

    Also some Ideas for certain elements:
    —-Spoiler Warning—-
    Scientist+Metal = Alchemist ? This seems a little like reverse evolution.
    Insect+Air = Mosquito ? This took me very very long to get. I think for most poeple it will make more sense to combine Insect and Blood or Vampire or Leech to get Mosquito.
    Leech+King = Lich King ? What does a leech have to do with a lich? I would suggest Zombie or Corpse with King.

    Also some minor comments:
    Alien should be made from life + galaxy and life + universe.
    Brick and Water gives Dam. All the Dams I know are made from concrete, so this should definetly be added, not neccessarily changed.

    Suggestions for adding new elements:
    It would be so cool to have yoda by combining jedi and swamp.
    One could add sunflower by combining (suprise surprise) sun and flower. and with sunflower u could produce oil by combining with pressure.
    Also it might be nice to add woman and child. Woman could be done with perfume and diamonds. man and woman would give child, which could make pupil and school in combination with library.
    pupil with yoda might then lead to luke skywalker, which might also be made by adding darth vader to child.
    Sounds like fun, doesent it?

  99. Gravatar

    Thanks for the comments. Will take them into consideration for the update after the next one (which is already done, but will take a bit before publishing).

  100. Gravatar

    Great game! Surprised that it has Indonesian language. Works well in win7 with touch-screen Thanks a lot!

  101. Gravatar

    […] And…. Wala! I found this great man created Alchemy for Windows. Try this: […]

  102. Gravatar

    For touch screen user, it would be nice if some functions added, such as allowing to add multiple elements also to delete one element rather than deleting all elements in a single click. Thanks!

  103. Gravatar
    Tom Fryrd @ 2011-09-05 13:48

    Hi ! Thanks a lot, this is a great family game, the kids likes it as much as we do.

    There are two little mistakes in the french translation :
    “escrément” is false, “excrément” is the right orthograph
    “levure” doesn’t fit with the thing (you can translate in “yeast” in english), “tricot” (knitting) will be the right term

    I like the MrWallace’s suggestions and in a few seconds i’d say :
    woman + love = sex
    woman + sex = child
    man + sex = love
    man + love = diamond
    star wars + starship = x-wing
    robot + life = cyborg

    Are you looking for some more ideas ?

  104. Gravatar
    paul hutagalung @ 2011-09-10 14:38

    i dont know what to say…
    you create the game into another level.

  105. Gravatar

    Thanks for the Windows version! I really like seeing the combinations for the elements while I’m making new elements.

  106. Gravatar

    Hello Marius,

    I am so glad I have finished the 444 elements in 10 hours! Thanks for the game, very nice.
    Do plan to upgrade with more elements? Do you accept suggestions for new elements?


  107. Gravatar
    HistoireSW @ 2011-09-18 19:47


    Great Game.

    I’m close to finish (442/444) but I’m stuck. I’m can’t find Ball and theater (Ball with eraser(I said eraser because it appears as Gomme in French) and theater with film)

    Could someone give me an indication without spoiler.

    Please. Thanks

  108. Gravatar

    Yes, new update is under way, and yes, I do accept suggestions.

  109. Gravatar

    I am not responsible for the translations, I only coordinate them. I cannot guarantee for the accuracy of the translation, I don’t speak those languages. I recommend that if you have problems with something switch to English and try to figure the combination.

    On the other hand, there is no eraser, only rubber, so try that lead. As for Theater you are on the right track with film. Except that you should think of a theater as a cinema.

  110. Gravatar
    HistoireSW @ 2011-09-19 18:41


    You’re right it’s rubber and no eraser. I’ve found Theater with your indication. I’m always searching the last with rubber (to find Ball). When I’ll get it, I’ll have the 444 elements.

    I suggest some corrections with french translation : It’s excrement, pingouin, dioxide de carbone

    For Wheat, It’s blé and no Recoltes and for Yarn, it’s Fil et non levure

  111. Gravatar
    HistoireSW @ 2011-09-19 21:59

    That’s finally done. I’m waiting for update.

  112. Gravatar
  113. Gravatar
    Camilla Bjerre @ 2011-10-21 13:33


    Great game, I have 487 elements. :-)

    HOWEVER, Switzerland still can´t be made. The clock is terminal, so I don’t know what to do with it.

    Rubber and ball I still can’t find. HELP!!

  114. Gravatar
    Howard Holt @ 2011-10-27 19:19

    Helped my wife work the Zed version on her Droid, and wished there was one for PCs… Thank you Thank you! (…any quick hint for Supernova -> Black Hole?)

  115. Gravatar

    Hi tnx for the game.
    may I ask how to come up with Life?

  116. Gravatar

    I’m having trouble starting the game.
    after downloading exe, it will only give me error

    AppName: alchemy.exe AppVer: AppStamp:4e773208
    ModName: kernel32.dll ModVer: 5.1.2600.5781 ModStamp:49c4f482
    fDebug: 0 Offset: 00012afb

  117. Gravatar

    How do you make a star with sky?

  118. Gravatar

    Think how life appeared. And where. And don’t think mythology.

  119. Gravatar

    This combination is rather a metaphor. A start is a light on the sky. Think what produces light.

  120. Gravatar

    You have to tells me more. What OS do you have. What .NET framework version. It requires .NET 3.5 SP1 be installed on the machine.

  121. Gravatar

    the system is xp pro,sp3
    I have .NET framework 2.0 sp2, 3.5 sp1, and
    4 client profile+extended

  122. Gravatar

    Well done bro…… ‘nd thanx 4 d pc game coz i dn’t have an android…….

  123. Gravatar

    Hi Marius,

    Thank you for such an awesome port!

    I seem to be having an issue though with getting this to run on my Windows 7 machines.

    I have 2 laptops with screen resolutions at 1280×800, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is built into the OS and they have .NET 4.0 installed. I have extracted the .exe file from the zip file into its own folder.

    Every time I try to play it though, I can see its process start up in task manager and automatically close. On my Windows XP machines it works perfectly, I just can’t seem to get it to work in Windows 7.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  124. Gravatar

    Try re-download (unless you already did that). And please, do not run directly from the zip archive. Extract it somewhere on your disk before running it.

  125. Gravatar

    This game has been developed on a couple of Win 7 (64-bit) machines.

  126. Gravatar

    can you make the same game like on iPod and put it on the computer please

  127. Gravatar

    I don’t have an iPod, I don’t know how the game is. And I don’t have the time to make another game now.

  128. Gravatar

    Dear Marius,

    I LOVE YOUR GAME! I’ve download it, unrar the archive and.. when i start the app it shows ‘The app failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the app.

    HELP, PLS !!!

  129. Gravatar

    i cant get to it

  130. Gravatar

    You might be missing .NET framework 3.5 SP1.

  131. Gravatar
    Jakub Husar @ 2011-12-27 13:12

    all combination over 16 hours and 30 minits

  132. Gravatar

    First, I wanted to thank you for your game- it has been very entertaining for my entire family. But…I can’t get “transistor” for the life of me and it’s making my entire family insane. We’re playing Alchemy for windows v2.1. the hint says silicon + (?? WHAT ??). I’ve googled. I’ve binged. I’ve phoned a friend. I’ve tried to cheat. I don’t care about hints anymore, like a mad man, I JUST NEED TO KNOW. Almost everything claims it should either be silicon + energy or silicon + electricity, but nada nope zilch is working. Please help us sleep again at night. LOL. Thanks, Angela

  133. Gravatar

    Wonderful game !! I am to totally addicted. Just a few suggestions for combos 😀 And please please please someone tell me how to make alchocol, I am stuck :(

    House + Ice = Igloo
    Sun + glasses = sunglasses
    igloo + man = eskimo

  134. Gravatar
    Chaitanya @ 2012-01-17 18:20


  135. Gravatar

    Hey your game is just awesome i salute your efforts to make this game well can you post all 500 combinations just for reference ?

  136. Gravatar

    Hey Marius Bancila Thank you For developing this game for windows as a programmer i salute your efforts to make this game..This game is really addiction we keep on discovering new elements thats the good part of the game..Many of us are stuck some where in the game so i suggest you to Reveal All 500 Combinations just for Reference i Googled a Lot But Couldnt Find It and Your game is not same as android so android combinations not workin so hope to see all combinations soon THANK YOU

  137. Gravatar

    For the time being, I don’t want to reveal that. But I have given a lot of tips on the blog about combinations.

  138. Gravatar

    Maybe not that plain easy, but try something that causes fermentation.

  139. Gravatar
    Valdemars @ 2012-01-29 18:24

    If you want to try, there is an web version of alchemy with different mods:

  140. Gravatar
    Sandra and Christel @ 2012-02-05 21:00


    I just wanted to personally thank you for making this game for the pc!
    And having it translated into dutch, which made my daughter (11 years old) So happy, I can’t express it!

    A wholehearted big dutch thanks from us!

  141. Gravatar

    Please tell me about making star from sky, I really don’t know what to do for a days, I tried everything!

  142. Gravatar

    How do I make “blackboard” from “chalk”? And what about “basket”? Just 10 things lefting :)

  143. Gravatar

    Hi, Marius! I’d like to make Russian translation for your game. Please mail me if you are interested.

  144. Gravatar

    Hi Mario,

    Just wanted to thank you for an excellent game, it has taken over my life since I found you 3 days ago!!

    My boyfriend had it on his phone and I was helping, then I googled it looking for a pc version and found you :o)

    I’m due to have a baby in 2 weeks so I was very bored at home waiting… now I have something to do while I wait!!

    Am currently searching for an atomic bomb…. some of them drive me crazy ;o)

    Many thanks x

  145. Gravatar

    There is an atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb. This should be pretty easy actually. First of all, it’s an arm. Second you need some radioactive material to build it. Which is it? If you make the atomic bomb, you can make the hydrogen bomb too. Just think what an hydrogen bomb needs to start its reaction.

    Wish all the best for you and the baby. You know, they might come earlier than you expect. :) I hope you won’t be too bored until then. After that, you’ll have no more free time for a long while.

  146. Gravatar


    just try to take a Tool 😉

  147. Gravatar

    For the love of god cannot figure out how to make the microchip, or it isn’t working. I’m pretty sure it isn’t the latter but I’m stuck. I think I did the senseible cominations, especially transistor+transistor, even tried transistor with electricity, energym man and lots of other stuff. Feel like I’m about to try it with animals but that can’t be it…

    Also I have several suggestions for new combinations, how do I submit those?
    Plus the Dutch version says Diamand, which should be Diamant.

    Thanks for a great pastime :) Even though I feel frustrated a bit now :)

  148. Gravatar

    Hi Marius, I’ve noticed some imperfections and errors in the DUtch translation and I would like to provide help with the translation. How can I help?

  149. Gravatar
    Sandra Wiltjer @ 2012-02-28 12:50

    @ Dick … transistor + tools…
    Noticed the errors in the dutch as well 😉 There are quite a few, hehe

  150. Gravatar

    Hi, Marius, thanks you for creating a wonderful game. I’ve been addicted your game since i installed it. However, i had difficulty making a skyscraper, i tried by combining the house with the glass, but it didn’t work, Please help me!!

  151. Gravatar

    i’ve got it ^^ how to make a skyscraper

  152. Gravatar

    hi how do i make protoss getting really confused by it. Thanks, Caticus

  153. Gravatar

    and how do u make a skyscraper, by the way?

  154. Gravatar

    hi I’m really confused. how do you make star? I’ve been trying for hours on end and its SO annoying. Please answer my comments. Thanks, Caticus :)

  155. Gravatar

    got star from prev. comment. thanks. but what about protoss & skyscraper… Thanks, Cat

  156. Gravatar
    Ladybug6 @ 2012-04-09 03:15

    i need help to make a golem plz help me!!!!

  157. Gravatar

    You’d think beer = alcohol + wheat… but apparently that’s wodka??? I’d expect that to be potato + alcohol really…. still what is the deal? How do you make beer?

  158. Gravatar

    @LadyBug6…. erm I don’t think there’s a golem to be made in the game… wasn;t on the cheat sheet either

  159. Gravatar

    nvm figured out the beer, did not make sense though…

  160. Gravatar

    Anyone got a clue what to think of ANubis? Pyramid, I get that, but what else? There’s no jackal, wolf or scavenger in there… what am I overlooking? Tried beast too and many many others.

  161. Gravatar

    Hmm must have not match them in a good aligment, turned out that after trying every single one that it actually was mummy I needed, which I did try, really :)

  162. Gravatar

    There is no golem. That might be an element in another game, but not my version.

  163. Gravatar

    I admit not all the combinations are the most logical ones. Sorry for that one, but it’s not that easy to figure 500 straight forward combinations, specially after some where already taken. For Beer, you’re close with alcohol and wheat, but it’s not wheat, but something made of it.

  164. Gravatar

    Please, please, this radio is making me crazy, need to create the radio.
    Combination please…..

  165. Gravatar

    Yay, I did it, found all 500. Took me 34 hours and 15 minutes according to the clock… pfff…
    Was real fun though.
    I’ll run all elements through the translator and inform you of any Dutch errors.
    Thanks for a great game :)

  166. Gravatar
    Dick van der Velde @ 2012-04-13 14:36

    Pfff yay, made it… little over 30 hours in total. Great waste of time, totally worth it :)
    Gonna check for errors in translation and make a few suggestions now that I have completed the full game.

    Thanks Marius for an awesome game.

  167. Gravatar


    Thank you for that wonderful adaptation !

    I still have one problem : with the 2.1 version, i can’t make SKYSCRAPERS. I tried (House + glass) and many others, but nothing happens …
    Is this normal ?
    Is there another way to get it ?

    Thank you again.

  168. Gravatar

    Can you remove the element “Yeast”? Its picture freaks me out.

  169. Gravatar

    Why the names of elements are colorful?

  170. Gravatar

    hy I’m romanian so I’ll write in romanian :),nu merge jocul,l-am descarcat de la “Update: Download the latest version from here.” in 19 mai 2012 si imi da eroare aceea cu “Alchemy has encountered a problem and needs to close.We are sorry for the inconvenience.” si la sfarsit imi scrie “Send Report Later” si “Don’t Send” ce sa fac :( pls help

  171. Gravatar

    Does that bother you? They are group in different categories and each category has a color. For instance, life, objects, people, media, etc.

  172. Gravatar

    Ai nevoie de .NET 3.5 SP1 pe masina ca sa mearga.

  173. Gravatar

    Hi I’m playing this game since yesterday and updated today and found almost everything but not Nobel prize…
    Also creating food is pretty difficult do you have any hint?

  174. Gravatar

    For Nobel Prize think of one of the categories for which it is awarded. For food you have to combine things that are… food. :)

  175. Gravatar

    Ok sorry I found both without any hint the problem was just that in the german translation of the game “Food Mixer” is just “Food” so the hint in the game is “try to make food from food” …

  176. Gravatar

    thank you for setting up this game. i loved it. found all 555 elements in 33 hours & 15 min.the hint button was extremely helpful. i also am working on alchemy for iphone. there are around 1700 elements for that one. would like to be notified when you do an up date for your game. thanks again

  177. Gravatar

    so far I am loving your version of this game. I think, however, right clicking an element should be an alternate way to delete it from the play area.

  178. Gravatar

    please, how i make life? energy+ what? 😀 😀

  179. Gravatar

    I love this port but my students solved it in less than a day. You say 400 elements is quite a lot and people will get bored but I am quite sure it could have 400000 and people would play to solve them. I am eagerly awaiting another update with more elements. I wonder how hard it would be to add a custom combinations list either via the interface or as an XML file and allow users to add their own custom combinations just to their local copy. With such a feature the game would have limitless play value.

  180. Gravatar

    The latest version has 555 elements. BTW, I’m pretty sure your students cheated.

  181. Gravatar

    This question has been already asked. Where did life appear? (Please, don’t say the Garden of Eden.)

  182. Gravatar

    Very good game. My idea would be 60 pieces of items.
    Translated into Hungarian at once.
    Somewhere I send my list, or write here?

  183. Gravatar

    Yes, you can write here. Comments are moderated so nobody will see them unless I explicitly approve it.

  184. Gravatar

    Good Game!
    What about “Beetle” + “Juice” = Beetlejuice
    And “Beast” + “King” = Lion … ? (Just sayin’)

  185. Gravatar

    Try to make “radar” out of “radio”….I tried all the elements, if they made sense or not…but nothind worked :( how can i make “radar”
    Please help me

  186. Gravatar

    @ tyne :
    Ever tried melting an element with itself?
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  187. Gravatar

    Thijs, how would you apply the code you mentioned in your post from 2010-09-24 16:51?

  188. Gravatar

    Tyne, just to eas your pain, the corr. combo is (not technically a combo at all) 2x radio.

  189. Gravatar

    “samuel @ 2012-07-04 23:43
    please, how i make life? energy+ what?”

    Oddly enough, it’s energy+ocean, I was stumped too.

  190. Gravatar

    Well you could do “paper” + “computer” to make “email” or “cat” + “egg” to make “kitten”. You also could do “sand” + “wind” to make “sandstorm” or “desert” + “water” to make “isle. You should make it “water” + “water” = “sea” + “water” = “ocean”. You also could do “boat” + “steam engine” to make “steam boat”.

    Anyway your version is really fun.

    Do you know the song “Dominoes”? Can you make up a dance for me please? I will like you a billion times on Facebook?

    Thank you

  191. Gravatar
    Nelson Canhoto @ 2012-10-11 13:29

    Hello! I’ve noticed that as you discover more elements, more space is used up in the hard drive. How can I free all that space?

  192. Gravatar

    I don’t understand your question. Where is that space that the application is using from the disk. I hope you don’t mean the application data file, which is barely a few KB.

  193. Gravatar

    Are you asking why the phone gets so slow, the more you use it?

  194. Gravatar

    Because if you are (well …I don’t really know what’s going on), but windows uses something called RAM for most of its processing power ( it builds a virtual RAM disk on that memory), and apparently application alchemy is built on is not very good at managing computer resources.

  195. Gravatar

    Ho do you make radio, I know it involves transistor, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ve tried transistor & electricity, energy, stone, earth, swamp, glass, sand. For cryin’ out loud, I even tried transistor & mud.

  196. Gravatar

    Nevermind, I got it.

  197. Gravatar

    How in the world do you make Hippopotamus?

  198. Gravatar

    Transistor & Air = Radio, and Radio+Radio=Radar (really should be radio and computer).

  199. Gravatar

    Good day I downloaded latest version of alchemy but it didn´t work……. where is the problem please ?

  200. Gravatar

    I’m just a developer, not a professional guesser.

  201. Gravatar

    OMG – I’m sorry – but that has to be the best answer ever LOL

  202. Gravatar

    Is there an update newer than version 2.2 .1?

  203. Gravatar

    No, not at this point.

  204. Gravatar

    Somebody can tell me how to create alcohol I have tried everything and I cant create I though was fire+water but on my game it creates steam wtf -.-

  205. Gravatar

    Yeast+Wheat = Alcohol

  206. Gravatar

    Does anyone know how to make Anubis from Mummy?

  207. Gravatar
    Cheryl Grice @ 2013-01-24 18:38

    Hello Marius,
    My entire family has this on their iPads or iPod touches. I’d love to play it on my Windows 7 based computer…is there a version available that can be played on the computer rather than downloaded to a mobile product? Thank you for your time.

  208. Gravatar

    My version is only working on desktop. That’s why it’s called “for Windows”. Not sure what’s unclear to you.

  209. Gravatar
    Tomahawk @ 2013-01-25 18:00

    hi there,

    is there a list with all combinations?

  210. Gravatar

    No, there is only a list with all the elements. Of course I have the list with the combinations, but I’m a big evil and won’t publish it. :)

  211. Gravatar

    hello marius i am French and alchemy the game is great
    thank you for taking your time to this
    thank you

  212. Gravatar
    Paul Baio @ 2013-05-03 03:38

    Thunder Storm is spelled “Thunder orm” on the icon. Thought you should know.

  213. Gravatar
    asadollah asadshir @ 2013-06-12 15:50

    Hi Mr marius.
    i am very glad to find your program and play it.
    i am from iran and my native language is persian.
    i have a question.
    can you add persian language in your program? i would like to translate it in persian. please inform me what can i do?
    i am waiting for your reply.

  214. Gravatar

    I need to do a combination game to study, can you have a open source?

  215. Gravatar

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