Windows Phone 7 Tutorials

Throughout January I have published on a series of articles about developing Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7. Here is the list of articles:

If you want to develop for WP7 you need to install the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools. They are available to download for free at AppHub, or using this direct link. You might also want to install the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit that provides additional controls (such as WrapPanel, DatePicker, TimePicker, etc.) and higher-level support for touch.

Here is a list of recommended additional readings:

Enjoy the tutorials!

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  2. Hi today i read your article on tombstoning from
    A very nice tutorial for getting the concepts. I have a simple doubt on the tutorial . In second page you are trying to load Persistent data on Application_Activated() event . But in MSDN documentation i found that

    Applications should not perform resource-intensive tasks such as loading from isolated storage or a network resource during the Activated event handler because it increase the time it takes for the application to resume.(
    So is your approach is correct / how can i retrieve isolated storage info in a proper way

  3. Well, I’d say you should follow the patterns and practices they recommend.

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