About me

My name is Marius Bancila, I am a software developer from Timisoara, Romania. I have been developing desktop applications for more than a decade, using different technologies and languages, including C++, C# and Java. I’ve also worked with HTML, CSS and PHP for fewer and smaller projects and built and published mobile application for phones and tables targeting Windows, Android and iOS, using native (Windows Store/Universal apps) or hybrid (Cordova projects with Javascript/HTML) technologies.

I am currently employed at Visma Software, a Norwegian based company developing ERP solutions for the Nordic market. Before that I worked for Star Automation, a Canadian company building HVAC solutions and for Siemens VDO.

Since 2006 I have been awarded Microsoft MVP for VC++ for my activity in online communities focused on Microsoft development tools and particularly Visual C++.

I am the co-founder (together with two friends and fellow MVPs) of CODEXPERT, a Romanian community for C++ programmers. Though our site and forums are in Romanian we are featuring an English blog that you can visit even if you don’t speak Romanian.

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