This page is a directory of currently available apps that I built.

BBC News Windows Edition

News & Weather / News

Windows Store news reader for BBC News.

BEST WINDOWS 8 APPS: BBC News Windows Edition
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Download BBC News Windows Edition from the Windows Store

Alchemy Magnum Opus

Games / Strategy

Start with four basic elements and combine them to create hundreds more including plants, animals, fish, objects, places, buildings, machines, space objects, sports, IT, people and many more. Game ends when you discovered all the available elements.

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Download Alchemy Magnum Opus from the Windows Store


Games / Puzzle

Colos is a game where you start with a grid randomly colored and work your way from the top-left cell through the rest of the grid until it is all covered with a single color.

Download Your Chemical Name from the Windows Store

Your Chemical Name


You Chemical Name application shows names and text using chemical elements symbols in the Breaking Bad style.

BEST WINDOWS 8 APPS: Your Chemical Name
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Download Your Chemical Name from the Windows Store

Measure me


This application enables you to measure the length and area of various objects. It is intended for tables but can be used with other devices too.

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Download Measure Me from the Windows Store
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