Two funny things I have discovered today.

First is an easter-egg in a trace route, from people at that have inserted the plot of Star Wars Episode IV in their internal routes. Just traceroot to see what happens. Here is the listing:

The second is a funny error message when an error occurred while trying to unsubscribe from youtube. The message reads “A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with the situation.”

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I recently ran across a bug with an application ported to the x64 platform. After debugging the application the error turned to be due to integrals layout and casting. I think this is a typical example worth mentioning.

It starts with this definition:

which is used for a combo box with SetItemData:

Notice the cast to DWORD, which is an integral type represented on 32-bits both on x86 and x64. At a later point this value was retrieved and tested against COMBO_VALUE:

They key here is how the value of -99 is represented:

  32-bit platform 64-bit platform

GetItemData returns a DWORD_PTR, so FFFFFF9D becomes 00000000FFFFFF9D on x64. Then -99 is also interpreted as a DWORD. Thus the condition in the above if statement resolves to 00000000FFFFFF9D == FFFFFFFFFFFFFF9D on x64, which of course is false.

To fix the problem, the if statement should be re-written like this:

A very simply fix, but not so simple to spot the root of the problem when just reading the code.

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Redefinition of ‘BOOKMARK’

If you include in a VC++ project <mapidefs.h> and <sqltypes.h> and build for the x64 platform you get a redefinition error.

1>C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\include\sqltypes.h(283) : error C2371: ‘BOOKMARK’ : redefinition; different basic types
1> C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\include\MAPIDefS.h(1142) : see declaration of ‘BOOKMARK’

The reason is that BOOKMARK is defined in both files.

This is mapidefs.h

This is sqltypes.h

On x86, both ULONG and SQLULEN are an unsigned long. However, on x64, ULONG is still unsigned long, but SQLULEN is an UINT64, which is different than unsigned long. Hence the error.

There is a Connect bug report called Using x64 with mapidefs.h and sqltypes.h causes C2371 filed by Martin Richter 6 years ago (!), with no fix yet. Martin proposed the following workaround:

However, it doesn’t work for me. I get the very same error. To get rid of the error you have to use namespaces. Define two namespaces, let’s call them MAPI and SQL and include each header in one of them. Then you can use the using namespace directive so that you don’t have to prefix everything with MAPI:: or SQL::. However, you’ll have to use the fully qualified name when you want to use one or the other BOOKMARK, as shown in the following example:

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Is this an Upgrade?

I downloaded and installed a tool today, and when I ran it for the first time this message popped up.

Downgrading happens! 😉

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