Earlier this year I published a series of articles on Codeguru about WP7 Silverlight development. Later on I have remastered them a bit and merged them together with a couple of articles by Vipul Patel into a small eBook that was published on internet.com, called Windows Phone 7 Quick Start Developer Guide. There is also a ZIP archive with the source code for all the sample projects presented throughout the book. While you can still find the articles online on the site, I recommend the eBook as a better learning material as it puts the various topics together.

The eBook is intended for developers with a fair knowledge of .NET programming that want to start developing Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7. However, it is not a complete guide to Silverlight development for Windows Phone 7. The eBook covers a smaller set of Silverlight topics that is intended to prepare the reader for the most common challenges a Windows Phone 7 developer faces.

Here is the table of contents of the eBook.

  • Preface
  • Where to Start
  • Creating a Simple Windows Phone Application: “Hello World!”
  • The Application Bar
  • Page Navigation
  • Tombstoning and Data Persistence
  • Pivot and Panorama
  • Launchers and Choosers
  • Touch
  • Using Bing Maps Control
  • App Hub: Application Submission Walkthrough
  • References
  • About the Authors

Download the eBook from here.

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Throughout January I have published on codeguru.com a series of articles about developing Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7. Here is the list of articles:

If you want to develop for WP7 you need to install the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools. They are available to download for free at AppHub, or using this direct link. You might also want to install the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit that provides additional controls (such as WrapPanel, DatePicker, TimePicker, etc.) and higher-level support for touch.

Here is a list of recommended additional readings:

Enjoy the tutorials!

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