The Find Combo Box from Visual Studio

I am using Visual Studio for many years, but I have to admit this came as a total surprise: the Find combo box in Visual Studio is more than just what the name says.

Find Combo Box

Besides searching for files, you can use it for opening files, creating new files, setting breakpoints (in a smart way), going to a line, getting help, editing lines, and many, many others. You can do all these by typing ‘>’ followed by a command name and a space and then additional values.

For instance, if you want a quick finding of files, you can type >of filename and it will show in the combo all the files that match the typed string.

Quick Find Files

Another example: if you want to jump to line 250 in the currently opened file type >GotoLn 250.

This blog post describes several other commands such as opening and creating files and setting breakpoints. The list of all available commands is available in MSDN.

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  1. Thanks for the tip.
    It’s no surprise for me that features available even in VS 2005 (2-3 years ago) are virtually unknown. It may be helpful for some to have so many options for different options, but most of the people just not memorize all these commands. Let’s take 2 simple examples: open a file and go to a line. You have:
    – Solution Explorer
    – CTRL-O
    – Menu File > Open …
    – Command Window >of
    – Find Combo >of

    – CTRL-G
    – Scroll
    – Command Window >GotoLn
    – Find Combo >GotoLn
    (maybe others)

    Are they really helpfull all these options? Of course different people can have different tastes, but still…

    Finally, I’ve got a list of the commands available in Command Window, I never used 🙂

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