Colors Game

One of the games I like the most on my new phone is about covering a grid formed by cells of different colors with a single color within a limited number of moves. After playing it again and again for a week, I decided to write my own game for the PC.

The rules are:

  • the grid has an equal number of rows and columns, that can vary from 5 to 50
  • cells are colored with six colors
  • coloring the grid always starts from the top left cell
  • adjacent cells having the same color form a single shape; game ends when this shape covers the entire grid
  • to change the color of the growing shape, use the six buttons available on the right side of the grid
  • grid must be covered within a number of moves; if you exceed that number of moves you lose
  • when you win, you automatically get to the next level
  • you can change the size of the grid from the menu

Here are the available downloads: the sources, and the executable.

8 Replies to “Colors Game”

  1. I saw some one playing this game on their phone today and said “I have got to try that game”. It is awesome! You are awesome! Thank you!

  2. Hi, nice game!
    I’ve downloaded the game yesterday and I’ve played it for four hours without any break!

    Then I decided to write an AI for the game and today I’ve done it!

    You can download the source here:

    And the compiled executable here:

    The source code is not well organized and optimized, but it has no problem running on my desktop PC for the biggest size of the game.


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