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I have played recently a great game on Android, called Alchemy, created by Andrey Zaikin. You start with four basic elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth and you can combine them to get more and more elements. The game was so catching that after finishing it I decided to write my own version for Windows. I chose WPF because I wanted to learn it and because I realized the stuff I wanted to create was too hard to do in MFC. This is my first real application in WPF, and what you see is the result of 4 days of work; in MFC it could have been 4 months, I believe.

You start with the four basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. You can combine them by dragging onto each other on the central area of the window, “the desktop”. When new elements are created they are added to one of the two lists from the left area. The top list has elements that can be combined again. The bottom list contains terminal elements, i.e. elements that can no longer be combined. You can drag elements from the non-terminals list back to the desktop area, but not from the terminals list.

You can quickly bring onto the desktop the four basic elements by double clicking on an empty area of it. Double clicking on an element from the desktop creates a duplicate of it. You can remove an element from the desktop by dragging it over the trash can icon. You can remove all the elements from the desktop by double clicking on the trash can.

When the number of elements gets too big scrolling through the list might be cumbersome. You can use the search textbox to filter the elements in the list. As you type only the elements that contain the typed text are displayed. It you press the X button of the textbox or clear its content, the list displays again all the unlocked elements.

On the right area of the window you find a help pane. When you select an element from one of the two lists on the left side, you can see a list of all the unlocked combinations in which the elements appears (either as input or output).

There are also several buttons: Cheat, Wikipedia, Help and About. Button Cheat opens a new window that displays the list of all available elements. So if you get stuck and don’t know what elements are left to discover you can cheat and see the list.

Button Wikipedia starts a search on Wikipedia for the currently selected element. Buttons Help and About display information about the game.

Note that your game progress is saved when you close the game and loaded when you start again. The information is stored in a file with your Windows user name and extension .aus. Don’t delete the file or you lose your game progress.

Here is the alphabetical list of all the 210 elements available in version 1.0:

Air Cochineal Gunpowder Ozone Soldier
Airplane Coffin Hippopotamus Panda Star
Alcohol Combustion engine Hourglass Paper Starfish
Algae Computer House Pearl Steam
Arable Concrete Hunter Penguin Steam engine
Arm Continent Hut Penicillin Steamer
Ash Corpse Hydrogen Perfume Stone
Assassin Country Ice Petroleum Storm
Bacteria Darth Vader Jedi Pie Sulfur
Barbeque Desert Kerogen Pinocchio Sun
Beach Diamond Knife Pizza Swamp
Bear Dinosaur Lava Planet Tequila
Beast Dough Library Plankton The Beatles
Beer Dragon Lichen Plesiosaur Thunderstorm
Beetle Dragonfly Life Poison Tiger
Bicycle Dust Light Poisoned weapon Time
Bird Earth Lightbulb Polar Bear Tom and Jerry
Bitumen Egg Lightsaber Pressure Tool
Boat Electricity Lime Pterosaur Tornado
Boiler Energy Limestone Radar Tortoise
Book Fern Livestock Radio Transistor
Bread Fire Lizard Rain Tree
Brick Firearm Locomotive Rainbow Turtle
Butterfly Fish Man Sand Uncut diamond
Cactus Fisherman Manure Santa claus Universe
Car Flour Meat Scarab Vodka
Carbon dioxide Flower Metal Scientist Volcano
Carmine Flu Milk Scissors Wagon
Cat Fly Mite Scorpion Warrior
Caviar Fondue Mold Seed Water
Cement Forest Monkey Shark Watermelon
Cheese Fossil Moon Shell Whale
Chicken Fruit Moss Silicon Wheat
Chip Fugu Motorboat Sith Wheel
Christmas tree Galaxy Motorcycle Sky Wind
City Gasoline Mouse Skyscraper Wine
Clay Geyser Mud Snail Wood
Cloth Ghost Mushroom Snake Wooden ship
Clothing Glass Ocean Snow Wool
Cloud Grape Old man Snowman Worm
Coal Grass Omelette Soda water Yeast
Coca cola Grove Oxygen Solar system Yogurt

Note: In order to run the game you need .NET framework 3.5 SP1.

Stay tuned, updates with more elements are coming!

Update: Download the latest version from here.

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  1. Somebody can tell me how to create alcohol I have tried everything and I cant create I though was fire+water but on my game it creates steam wtf -.-

  2. Hello Marius,
    My entire family has this on their iPads or iPod touches. I’d love to play it on my Windows 7 based computer…is there a version available that can be played on the computer rather than downloaded to a mobile product? Thank you for your time.

  3. hello marius i am French and alchemy the game is great
    thank you for taking your time to this
    thank you

  4. Thunder Storm is spelled “Thunder orm” on the icon. Thought you should know.

  5. Hi Mr marius.
    i am very glad to find your program and play it.
    i am from iran and my native language is persian.
    i have a question.
    can you add persian language in your program? i would like to translate it in persian. please inform me what can i do?
    i am waiting for your reply.

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