Alchemy Update: 40 New Elements

Alchemy 1.2 is a new update of Alchemy for Windows that brings 40 new elements to the game. This update is focused on physics on space, with elements such as Void, Big Bang, Big Crunch, Black hole, Wormhole, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking. The program is now build for Any CPU, so it runs as a 32-bit process on 32-bit machines, and as a 64-bit process on 64-bit machines.

The list of the 40 new elements is:

Albert Einstein Hydrogen bomb
Alchemist Idea
Alien Lamp
Atomic bomb Lava lamp
Beaver Plutonium
Big Bang Prisoner
Big Crunch Radioactivity
Black hole Reed
Bow Relativity theory
Cancer Smoke
Captain Picard Starship
Ceramics Stephen Hawking
Champagne Supernova
Cigarettes Toast
Coral Tobacco
Dam Uranium
Ectoplasm USS Enterprise
Explosion Void
Genie VW Beetle
Gold Wormhole

The complete list of the 300 elements available in version 1.2 is available here.

Note: if you already played Alchemy, just replace the old executable with the new one. Don’t delete the user settings file having your account name and extension .aus, or you loose the elements and combinations you unlocked so far.

Update: Download the latest version from here.

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  1. I downloaded the file but it does not auto save. I did not have the previous versions? Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hi! I downloaded the game several times, but it doesn’t run in my pc. I have winXP sp3 and I have no idea what can be the probem:S
    It writes the program’s initialisation is not good. (0xc0000135) Please help me it is a very good game:)
    (I’m hungarian so maybe the problem’s translate is not perfect)
    Thank you

  3. Jared, if you run from the archive, the working folder is located in the temporary folder (probably a subfolder of it), so the user settings should be located there. I tested this and when I start the second time from the archive, the user setting file (.aus) was picked up correctly. Of course, if the temporary folder is cleaned up, you loose it. Don’t run from the archive. If you don’t run from the archive, please provide more information, such as the operating system, etc.

  4. Siora, when I released the first version of Alchemy I tested it on my Win XP SP3 machine and it worked correctly. But I admit the later two updates I only tested on Windows 7. I will try it again to see if I encounter any problem.

  5. Siora, I just tested on WinXP SP3 and works without any problem. Remember you need to have .NET framework 3.5 SP1 installed on you machine. (C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5)

  6. Hello. How does this program relate to the Alchemy app for Android? Is it possible to get all these new elements on that version, too?

  7. This game was inspired by that game on Android. I created Alchemy for Windows after I played Alchemy on Android. An important number of elements are identical in both games. However, I did not want to copy the game from Android, so I created my own elements and combinations. So, no, it is not possible that you get all these elements on Android. Maybe the author of that game will inspire from my game and copy some elements.

  8. Hi Marius,

    I played this game on a HTC Disere Several times. There are so many elements that if you play this game a second time you can’t remember all the different combinations.

    Only minor is that I can’t find a Dutch version.
    Are you planning to make the game in different langauges ?

    I will translate the list of elements in Dutch.
    Perhaps in the future all your dutch fans can play the game in there own langauge



  9. Yes, there is no localized version so far. I’m not ruling that option out, but is not my first priority right now. Should I implement this in the future, I will contact you for Dutch translation. Thanks.

  10. i cant seem to save the game how do u do it and also i have a small laptop so when i have lots of elements the game screen is too big for my laptop screen i cant click the wiki or hint button ect ect any help on how to change that and then when it didnt save i was well sad id got so far lol any help??

  11. Sorry, but is not working on notebooks which have small resolutions. It was not designed for this and I don’t know if it will be available in a future version. As for saving, it should work correctly. But don’t run directly from the zip archive.

  12. Is there any version for Mac available? I own a macbook, but no windows pc and no ipod/android/iphone…But I´d love to play it!

  13. can someone give me combinations for the above picture bigbang/bigcrunch picard enterprise black hole/ void/wormhole starship and stephen hawking

  14. I realy like this game, have found 416 elements sofar.
    Some combinations are a bit funny. Will there be more elements in the future?

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