2012 in Review

Here is an overview of the things that I’ve done in 2012.

Codexpert Revamped
The main site for the Romanian C++ community has a brand new, modern look (all built with HTML5), making things easier to find. We also now feature a blog in English, which is intended to replace the old article section.
codexpert blog

cpplinq library
cpplinq is an open-source template library that provides LINQ-like operators for querying collections (arrays and STL containers) in C++11. The project was initiated by Mårten Rånge, and is available on codeplex. Here is a sample:

cpplinq documentation
cpplinq – LINQ Query Operators for C++ Sequences
cpplinq: An introduction
cpplinq: range generators and conversion operators
cpplinq: set operators

What’s New in VS11 for Native Development
Authoring Documentation with DocProject and Sandcastle
Loading Assemblies from Anywhere into a New AppDomain
A C++ SHA1 and MD5 Implementation with CryptoAPI
cpplinq – LINQ Query Operators for C++ Sequences – CodeProject Best C++ article of November
10 More Visual Studio Debugging Tips for Native Development – CodeProject Best C++ article of October
10 Even More Visual Studio Debugging Tips for Native Development

Keyboard input and TAB navigation between WPF controls in a Win32 application
How to Determine What Process Loaded a DLL
T4 Lessons Learned
A tale of two flags: DS_CONTROL and WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT
Sorting a CTreeCtrl
Missing 64-bit compiler and tools
DocProject Tips and Tricks
A Quick Look at Visual Studio 11 Beta

My Alchemy for Windows game has reached 555 elements and is available in 18 languages. It has been downloaded so far for more than 45,000 times, which greatly exceeded my expectations.

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