Visual Studio 2013 User Profile

Visual Studio 2013 provides developers with the ability to sign in with a Microsoft account and synchronize settings across devices (and as new versions will be released across different versions of Visual Studio).

When you first launch Visual Studio 2013 you are asked to sign in (you can skip that and do it any time later) using a Microsoft account.

You have to specify several details such as full name, email address and preferred development environment settings.

On the top-right corner of the IDE main window you can open the identity card for your primary online identity.

If you are not logged in a link for the sign in window is available in that corner.

After your initial profile settings is created whenever you logon to new devices your settings will be automatically downloaded and enabled for you. When you logout from a device Visual Studio stops roaming settings to or from that devices but leases the last settings that were synced as they were when you logged out.

You can control what features you want to synchronize from Tools > Options > Environment > Synchronized Settings.
The features available in the Preview for synchronization are:

  • Appearance (theme, fonts and color) settings
  • Text editor settings
  • Key bindings
  • Start-up settings
  • Environment aliases

You can read more about these features here:

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