Slides from recent talks

I have recently given a couple of talks in Romania, one on C++ at CppEurope, in Bucharest, and one on C# at ApexVox, in Cluj-Napoca. Because people have requested the slides to my presentations, I’m making them available here.

Consistent Comparison in C++20
My talk focused on the way we do comparison in C++17 and how this will change in C++20 with the adoption of the three-way comparison operator (aka the spaceship operator). Here are the slides:

Download (PDF, 711KB)

You can find all the slides from CppEurope 2019 here.

Writing better C# code
This talk focused on ten things that will help you write not only clean but also performant C# code. The slides are below.

Download (PDF, 598KB)

In this talk, I mentioned records as a new feature in C# 8. Actually, this one did not make it because there are different opinions about how it should be done and how it should work. It will probably be implemented in a future version of the language, but not now. Therefore, I have updated the uploaded slides to indicate this will only come in the future.

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