About me

My name is Marius Bancila, I am a software architect, author, and speaker from Timisoara, Romania. I have been developing desktop applications for almost two decades, using different technologies and languages, primarily with C++ and C#. I’ve also worked with other languages and technologies, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Java and have build applications for desktop, server, web, and mobile.

I am currently employed at Visma Software, a Norwegian based company developing ERP solutions for the Nordic market.

Since 2006 I have been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for VC++ and later Development Technologies for my online and offline activities focused on Microsoft technologies and development tools and particularly Visual C++.

I have published two books on modern C++ programming, called Modern C++ Programming Cookbook and The Modern C++ Challenge, and one about C# programming, called Learn C# Programming.

I am the co-founder (together with two friends and fellow MVPs) of CODEXPERT, a Romanian community for C++ programmers. Though our site and forums are in Romanian we are featuring an English blog that you can visit even if you don’t speak Romanian.

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