Highlights from Microsoft Build 2020

The Microsoft Build 2020 event happened this week, and, unlike all previous editions, it was a digital event only. Moreover, it was also free, so everybody could attend the 48 hours marathon. Microsoft made a lot of announcements and released various products and services for Windows, Azure, Office, Visual Studio, Edge, and more. In this post, I will summarize the things that I found the most interesting for me.

Using Microsoft Edge in a native Windows desktop app – part 2

In the second part of this series, we will see how to use the WebView2 control in a C++ Windows desktop application. We will use a single document interface MFC application that features a toolbar where you can specify an address to navigate to and buttons to navigate back and forward as well as reloading the current page or stopping navigation.

App.xaml requires an ApplicationDefinition Build Action

I was working on transforming a Windows Store app into an Universal app so that it worked not just for Windows Store but also for Windows Phone. When you do this two new projects are added to the solution. One of them is a special one, called shared project that you can use to keep…

Why won’t my .NET redistributable assemblies show up in Visual Studio’s ‘Add Reference’ dialog?

The Problem You install a .NET redistributable package and want to reference the assemblies in your project. However, though everything is correctly installed to GAC, the assemblies don’t show up in Visual Studio’s Add Reference dialog in the .NET tab (regardless of what version of Visual Studio you have). The Cause Redistributable assemblies are intended…

How to Determine What Process Loaded a DLL

Trying to figure out in which process a particular DLL is currently loaded, I have found two solutions (perhaps there are more). Solution 1: tasklist.exe

Solution 2: listdlls.exe (from sysinternals)

It might be that listdlls is more reliable than tasklist. I have ran into cases when tasklist failed to list processes that had…

Debugging Tools for Windows 7

Windows 8 RTM is not ready yet, but lots of things have been updated already with regard to the new version of the OS. Among them the download page for Debugging Tools for Windows. Here a screenshot from the page. Notice the following paragraph: There are certain rare circumstances in which you might need to…