MVP Program

Between 2006 and 2017 I have received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award annually for a total of 11 times. Initially, it was in the Visual C++ category, which later on was merged in what became Visual Studio and Development Technologies. I have been awarded for contribution to online communities focused on Microsoft products and in particular Visual C++. This allowed me to meet great people from Romania and around the world, who share the same passions and interests in technology.

You can read more about the MVP program and award at the MVP official home page. My MVP profile was available here.

Below are some pictures from some MVP events in Romania and USA.

Romanian MVP Open Days, 2006

MVP Global Summit, 2007

Romanian MVP Open Days, 2007

MVP Global Summit, 2008

MVP Global Summit, 2009

C++ MVPs of 2010
MVP Global Summit, 2011
C++ MVPs of The Year 2010: Sheng Jiang, me and Kate Gregory +
Diego Dagum, Windows C++ community PM (on my left)