Installing Orcas March CTP

This week I decided to test the March CTP of Visual Studio code-named ‘Orcas’. So I started with a google search for the the download page, I found two:

  1. Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” – March Community Technology Preview (CTP) (Self-extracting Install): contains 7 archives totalling 4.5GB
  2. Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” – March 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP): has 9 archives totalling 6.2GB

Faced with two possibilities I tried understanding the differences between them, and eventually I thought the first one should be more appropriate to download, because is smaller in size and is self-extracting. So I left my laptop running over night and second day I had all the files. I uncompressed them and started the installation on my PC under Windows XP. But surprize, the installation failed, with the error signature:

EventType : visualstudio8setup
P1 : 10826
P2 : 9.0.20209.00_orcas_x86_net
P3 : pr
P4 : inst
P5 : f
P6 : microsoft web designer tools
P7 : baseret_unknown
P8 : –    
P9 : 30066
P10 : –    

Eventually, after consulting the MSDN forum for the installation of ‘Orcas’ I realized that I’m not the only one having that error, and that the other version should be the correct one. So, I left my laptop run once again over night and downloaded the 6.2GB. But surprize: after uncompressing, I realized that I need Virtual PC to install this one, and an additional download of Orcas Base Image, a file of about 1GB. That made me give up and return to the first download: I tried installing it on my laptop, under Vista Ultimate and guess what: it worked like a charm (except that the installation process seemed to be much slower than under XP).

Thus, it took me several days to get Orcas up and running. 🙁

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