Guidelines for Installing Visual Studio 2005 under Vista

This is a simple guideline from my own experience for installing Visual Studio 2005 with SP1 and SP update for Vista. Installation of Visual Studio 2005 is pretty straight-forward. It does not take more than one hour. For the rest you should consider these:

  1. download Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite Service Pack 1 (it installs SP1 for standard, professional and team editions)
  2. download Visual Studio 2005 SP update for Vista
  3. get a long movie, 2 hours and a half at least (suggestions: Titanic, Rose Red, Aviator, or perhaps if you want something newer, try Apocalypto)
  4. get a big cup of coffee; you don’t want to fall asleep
  5. get pop-corn

After installing VS2005, run VS80sp1-KB926601-X86-ENU.exe to install the SP1 and start watching the movie. After one hours you might want to check the computer, you may be finally prompted to click on several Next buttons. After that the “gathering information” process starts. This will take for at least one hour and a half, perhaps two, so you’ll have enough time to watch the rest of the movie. If you’ll have a look from time to time on the PC screen, try to ignore the service pack texts displayed in Latin (yes, it’s that old language spoken in the Roman Empire, until many centuries ago).

Overall, the installation of SP1 should take at least two hours and a half. If you watch Titanic or Rose Red and it’s not yet finished, don’t worry, you still have to installed the 30MB update for Vista (run VS80sp1-KB932232-X86-ENU.exe), and this will follow the same pattern, but will only take about 45-60 minutes. At the end I’m sure you’ll thank Microsoft for allowing you to catch to bunnies from one shot: install the SPs for VS2005 under Vista, and watch a good lengthly movie.

Thank you Microsoft!

2 Replies to “Guidelines for Installing Visual Studio 2005 under Vista”

  1. I tried this today and it took about 25min to install the SP on a VSPro and about 10min for the Vista update.

    You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Well, I did not expect this behaviour on every single computer, but it took me 3 hours to install it with the service packs. I’m glad however you didn’t have to waste so much time for installation.

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