Microsoft’s Plans for ‘Orcas’ and ‘Rosario’

Prashant Sridharan, Microsoft group product manager for Visual Studio, announced Monday, March 26, 2007, that Microsoft plans to release Visual Studio code-named ‘Orcas’ by the end of the year, and it also plans to release Visual Studio code-named ‘Rosario’ (the next version after ‘Orcas’) within an year timeframe after that. A CTP for ‘Rosario’ might be available about the same with the ‘Orcas’ release. This page describes Microsoft’s future releases of Visual Studio:, but this may not be yet updated.

As for what concerns the code-names, Brian Keller, a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System said:

For the past several years we’ve been using north west locations as code names. The pattern is that with each release the location gets further from Seattle (not sure why we decided to do that but that’s the pattern). Everett (the code name for VS2003) is a city just North of Seattle – there’s a big Naval base there: aircraft carriers, the works, pretty cool. We really didn’t have much of a code name for VS2002 – I can’t actually remember why, we just referred to it as VS.NET. After Everett, came Whidbey (VS2005 and an island just off the coast north of seattle) and now we are working on Orcas (another island a bit further north west). […] We created the Rosario code name to describe some work that we (VSTS) really want to get done and doesn’t fit in the Orcas release. In a sense Rosario is a place holder code name. As Orcas unfolds and the rest of the division turns their attention to what is next for them too, we may see changes in what we currently believe our Rosario plan is. For now we’ll plow ahead with what we think we are doing.

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