VSBuildStatusAddin for Visual Studio 2008

I have created an published at Visual Studio Gallery an add-in for Visual Studio 2008, called VSBuildStatusAddin. This add-in shows the status of a build/clean/deploy operation. I hope some of you will find this useful. Bellow is a description of the add-in.

Extract the content of the archive to your Visual Studio 2008 add-ins folder. You can configure that from Tools > Options > Environment > Add-in/Macros Security. You can also extract it to any folder and then add that folder to the Add-in File Paths list.

The add-in is configured to start when the Visual Studio starts. However, the first you start Visual Studio, after you installed the add-in, you have to go to the Tools menu and use the VSBuildStatusAddin command to show the tool window. For future runs, Visual Studio remembers the position, docking style and visibility. If the add-in window was opened the last time you closed Visual Studio, the next time it starts is automatically shown at the last position.

On the add-in window toolbar there are four check buttons that are used to select what projects can be shown in the list (depending on their build status) and the number of projects in that state:

  • Done: show projects there were successfully built/cleaned/deployed; displays the number of successfully done projects;
  • Failed: show projects that failed to build/clean/deploy; displays the number of failed projects;
  • Skipped: show projects that were skipped for the build/clean/deploy operation; displays the number of skipped projects;
  • Pending: show projects that were not yet built/cleaned/deployed or are currently building/cleaning/deploying; displays the number of projects not yet done

When a build/clean/deploy operation is executing, a progress control shows the progress status, in percentage of completed project out of the total number of projects.

A fifth button, Cancel, is available during the execution of an operation and can be used to cancel the operation.

The projects list shows the name, configuration, target platform, status and completion time for a project. Projects are grouped under solution folders, if any.

The image above shows a solution called DemoSolution with a project, DemoFSharp, directly under root. It has two solution folders, CSharp and CPP, and both have two more solution folders. CSharp has Lesson1 and Lesson2, each with two projects. CPP has Begin and End, each with one project. The second image shows building a project, Chapter2 (that has a dependency on project Chapter1, which is also built), that failed.

You can also download it from here.

6 Replies to “VSBuildStatusAddin for Visual Studio 2008”

  1. Thank you for this add-in…I have some solutions that have over 30+ projects and this really helps…I like the graph the best! But, there is an issue I found…when loading a Solution File (.sln) from Windows Explorer directly, the add-in does not load…could you confirm this on your side ?
    – John M.

  2. I tried to reproduce it, but I couldn’t. When I open a solution directly from Explorer or Total Commander, the add-in starts. Make sure that in Add-in manager, VSBuildStatus is set to start at startup.

  3. Hi! This Tool is awsome…

    but!: can you implement a context menu with “re/build selection”?

    best regards and thanks,

  4. Marius,
    I do have multiple monitors…maybe that’s why I have the issue. I have the Addin Docked to a window on monitor#2 and I run VS studio in Normal Window mode…not maximized.
    Thanks for looking into the issue though.
    – John

  5. Hi,

    is it possible to configure the window to show when building?

    I have to explicitly show this window, only “Output” appears when building.


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