New WPF look of Visual Studio 2010

A few days ago, Microsoft, through Jason Zander, General Manager of Visual Studio, has revealed the new look of Visual Studio 2010 at the VSLive conference. Several screenshots and description of the new look you can find on Zander’s blog.

The new editor is using WPF and makes extensive usage of .NET 4.0. Here is a screenshot.

Visual Studio 2010 new WPF look

One of the important new features is support for multiple monitors. One can now put code or designer windows onto multiple monitors.

The New Project dialog allows you to view online templates and provides search options. Moreover there is an Extension Manager that allows you to search for online templates and tools, like add-ins or macros and install them into Visual Studio.

Other features offer support for working with multiple UML digrams and will allow arhitects to enforce the intended architecture. As Doug Holland explains,

When a developer checks in code within Visual Studio 2010 to the Team Foundation Server the developers code will be parsed to ensure that the developers code complies with the layer diagram. Within the layer diagram, for example, architects can prescribe that the UI code must communicate with the business layer and not directly with the data layer. If developers use types from the data layer within the UI layer then the checkin will not be allowed to proceed.

I think that will be a quite cool feature, and I’m looking forward to testing that.

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