My Prediction About Psychic Octopus Paul

If you’re a football fan you must have heard about the octopus called Paul that has predicted the outcome of all Germany’s matches at the World Cup 2010. She lives in the Sea Life Aquarium in the western city of Oberhausen. Before each match she was given two jars with a mussel and a national flag inside. And every time she picked the mussel from the jar with the flag of the correct winner. Yesterday she picked Spain over Germany.

Now, I want to make a prediction about her current and next predictions: she got the result of tonight’s match wrong, Germany will win. And then, she’ll have to chose between Netherlands and Germany and will pick the Netherlands. Now, the prediction is not that much about who wins (it doesn’t matter actually who wins), it’s about how Paul makes the picks.

How did I do this prediction? Well, I see patterns. πŸ˜‰ And here is Paul’s prediction pattern. She is giving two jars, arranged by the teams order:
Germany – Australia
Germany – Serbia
Ghana – Germany
Germany – England
Argentina – Germany
Germany – Spain

She’s picking left, right, right, left, right, right. The next match will be between Netherlands and Germany and she will pick left, thus Netherlands.

Let’s see how good I am with predictions.

UPDATE: OK, psychic Paul was right once again. πŸ˜‰ But I still predict that it will pick left, thus, Uruguay for Germany’s next match.

SECOND UPDATE: so Paul has picked Germany over Uruguay, and Spain over Netherlands. That completely ruins my prediction. πŸ™

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  1. Lol.. VEry nice prediction coming from you.. Wat theory are u using? pfft.. Just cause u support Germany doens’t means Germany will make it to the end.. And the score proves tat.. So how good is ur prediction?

  2. You got it ALL WRONG guys. πŸ˜‰ My prediction is not about who wins, it’s about how Paul makes the picks. It will choose the LEFT jar, for Germany’s next match against Uruguay. And that jar will be Uruguay’s.

  3. I don’t care about Paul. πŸ˜€
    I’m happy that my dream come true and we have the final that I want. Go SPAIN!
    In, the small final, I pick on Germany!

  4. its so suprised to me but deep down of me i no spain will beat germany cos that have been my beleive since the start of the world cup.

  5. I think there is just an stronger chance that the fishy thing will pick right over left every time. I think that the fishy animal prefers the right side of the tank and this whole this a huge pile of fishy BS.

  6. this paul it created by illegal betting organisation. it let you win till the last match and everyone will place big money on paul’s prediction for final and eventually paul will predict wrongly so the illegal betting organisation will win more money. this is what im thinking.

  7. In my view Paul has preferences to the colours of the flags and picks up the ‘more attractive’ flag.
    Thus for example the German flag is rather attractive but has only one red stripe and the Spanish flag has two red stripes and a beautiful yellow one inside with a ‘picture’.
    After Paul predicts the match then comes the vulnerability to superstitions of the people on mass scale which exerts ‘psychic pressure’ in one direction and the prediction comes true.
    If you have any better explanation – please.

  8. I know your ‘science’ about how paul the octopus predicts is all wrong and nice try at solving this mystery. Think of some other explanation and please let me know about it when you have one. Is everyone starting to believe in paul’s powers?

  9. So what do you think of paul now that all his predictions have turned out true? Delphi oracle?

  10. Well, Paul got it all correctly. So the illegal betting organization didn’t win too much out of it. πŸ˜‰ The chances he hot all the 8 games right are 1 in 864 (1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2). Not too small, not too big. Anyway, this Paul was awesome.

  11. I admire your attempt. But I think the prediction is made by the person who feeds him rather than the octupus. i.e – he must be using his ordinary human intelligence to predict the results and do something to make paul select that box. (like turning the relavant box towards it or putting the most tasty food in that)

    You wouldn’t be surprised if a human could predict those correct results, see?

  12. We all have a third eye, the question is whether or not yours is active. Generally if it is third-eye psychic ability there is a buzzing sensation just between and above the eyes, but not all psychic impressions come in through the third eye.

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