Remnants of the Golden Age of Communism

The image of this former metallurgical plant of Călan (Hunedoara county) appeared through the surrounding hills as I was driving early in the morning to Hunedoara. It used to be a an important metallurgical center during the “Golden Age” of the communism era. Now it’s just a ruin like most of the industrial facilities in the country.

In the meanwhile most of the world’s production has moved to another communist country that will soon become the only super power of the 21st century.

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  1. This is a landscape overview of that old plant but in my opinion doesn’t express the real face of plant ruins. It’s really a nice picture.
    I was to Deva too, on the road that covers the metallurgical plant through the middle and the landscape is more dramatic. Only some cement relicts… some kind of Stonehange’s blocks.

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