Alchemy Update: 50 New Elements

Alchemy 1.1 is the first update of Alchemy. It features 50 new cool elements and fixes a problem with the three elements (Bread, Hourglass and Snow) that were marked as terminals though they were required for making other elements. Combinations and elements are now verified formally so that they can all be resolved.

The list of the 50 new elements is:

Anubis Cemetery Jungle Pilot Sick
Avian flu Chariot Jungle Book Pirate Soap
Bacon Fat Kamasutra Pirate ship Submarine
Bar Feather Love Pyramid Swine flu
Bat Frankenstein McDonalds Quetzalcoatl Treasure
Batman Grave Mummy Robin Hood Twilight Saga
Berry Hen coop Museum Sailboat Vampire
Blood Hero Pharaoh Sandwich Werewolf
Captain Hospital Pig Sex Zombie
Captain Nemo Island Pillow Sex and the City Zoo

The entire list of elements is available here.

Note: if you already played Alchemy, just replace the old executable with the new one. Don’t delete the user settings file having your account name and extension .aus, or you loose the elements and combinations you unlocked so far.

Update: Download the latest version from here.

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  1. Hi!

    I’m hooked on Alchemy ;o) Thanks for the Windows version!

    I encountered a bug on my EEE PC running on 1024×600. After some combinations, the trash-bin and the buttons on the right side (chat, wiki …) disappear. I found a workaround by typing a string into the search box which can’t yield a match (like: “ddddddddddd”). When all elements are filtered out, the said buttons reappear, but they disappear again, after the filter has been cleared.

    Don’t know if thats any help


  2. The minimum size of the window is 939×662, so your resolution’s height is less than the minimum window height. That could be a problem. But I will try to look at this, maybe resize the window a little bit. I must say I didn’t design the window with EEE PCs in mind and resolutions this small.

  3. I have tried combining fire + water but nothing happens. Also swamp + energy. I just downloaded it this morning.

  4. You’re the first to report such a problem. Both these combinations should create a new element. Can you combine anything? BTW, if you check the “Combine only new” option in the Settings page, the already unlocked combinations will be ignored. But I guess this is not the case here.

  5. I’ll have to confirm what Lilbitafun reports, Swamp + Energy does not jive. I suppose they should make life, though.

  6. Well, the wormhole is a shortcut in the spacetime. It’s just like a whole in a galaxy (or the universe) allowing one to “jump” from one place to another. Does this qualify as a tip?

  7. If you only had provided enough star systems to make a whole galaxy…, but you have only provide us with one, our Solar system. 🙁

  8. Hi! First of all I wanted to tell you that I am a recent fan of Alchemy, this is a very cool game but I am having some problems playing it. I am using a 10.1″ screen and I can’t really see any of the options because they wont fit the window and rescale is not possible. Can you help me? Sorry to bother.

    Here is a fullscreen mode picture (this is the most I can get)

  9. I’m sorry, but the game is not designed to work on such low resolution. I guess you’re using a notebook. It has been reported by other people too, but I did not have time to invest in this area and make it work on lower resolutions.

  10. That’s ok. I can still play it, I just need to make some “tricks” to see the options when I need them. I pointed it out just in case you want to correct it the future and to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Thank you so much for your quick answer 😉

  11. I realise your adding to the list all the time how about mans best friends in life woman and dog 😉

  12. Hey
    I am playing your amazing game. I have made 200 elements till now (long way to go for me). I am however stuck with the hint of making star from sky. I have tried a lot of things but its just not coming up. Can you please help.
    Thanks !!

  13. Hey
    Your game is such cool. I love it and play all the time but.. I made 200 elements and stuck with Tiger. I don’t now how make it. beast + what = tiger ? Can you help me please .
    Thanks !

  14. My 8 year old son and I are totally hooked on this game. However we are having a huge problem creating a Supernova from a Star, I would have thought an Explosion would have been the perfect match. Please help.

  15. also how to make planet
    and void
    and reed
    and other stuff to make reed
    and scientest
    and star
    and big bang
    and wormhole
    and blackhole

  16. Just tried to make ‘star’ using ‘diamond’ and ‘sky’. I am so sad that that did not work!

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