Alchemy 1.5 Update: 30 New Elements and New Features

Alchemy 1.5 brings a set of new elements (focused on countries), a reorganization of parts of the user interface, translation to new languages and some new features requested by the users.

New elements
30 new elements have been added in version 1.5. Most of them are countries.

The list of new elements is:

Antarctica Germany Norway
Australia Iceland Romania
Brazil India Russia
Canada Italy Saudi Arabia
China Japan Sauna
Czech Republic Kangaroo Somalia
Dracula Karel Čapek South Africa
Egypt Mexico Switzerland
Finland Napoleon UK
France Netherlands USA

You can find the entire list of elements for the latest version here.

Changes to the User Interface
You can find the description of UI for the latest version here. On short:

  • Wiki button is back
  • Cheats button was removed and the Cheats window was moved to another place
  • Language button was replaced with button More; this opens a new window that allows you to:
    • saved and load your progress to a specific file, other than the default one; also reset your current progress
    • select the language
    • select various user specific settings
    • see the list of all available elements
    • see a list of those that helped translating Alchemy to other languages

New Features
The new features are disabled by default, and can be enabled from More > Settings. They are stored in the same file with the progress, so when you load from another file it changes to the settings stored in that file.

Combine only new prevents you from making already unlocked combinations over and over again. With this feature set, each combination can only be made once.

Tap to combine allows you to combine elements without dragging one over the other. You select the first element, and then the second, and if they make a combination, you get the result automatically. When you tap on an element, you can see a selection mark around the icon.

New Languages
Alchemy 1.5 is available in the following new languages:

  • Portuguese: translated by Bruno Silva
  • Czech: translated by Lukas Juda (LKJ)

Thank you all that helped with the translation, and if anyone wants to translate to another language please drop a comment so I can contact you.

The latest version is available for download here.

UPDATE: due to some problems with the Dutch and Czech translations I had to release a quick fix. Latest update is 1.5.2.

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  1. I am addicted to this game. Finished Alchemy for Android in one day. Day three on this one and still 52 elements to go . Thanks for taking the time to write this game, I love it!

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