Alchemy 2.0

Alchemy 2.0 brings a modified layout, a set of 44 new elements (to a total of 444), hints, and translation to Hebrew.

The most reported bug for Alchemy so far has been the layout mess on small resolution systems, such as netbooks. It wasn’t a bug actually, but a feature. The application required a higher resolution, that how it was designed in the first place. The new version can run on netbooks too, but the minimum resolution is 1024×600. In order to support these small resolutions the layout was slightly modified so that it looks the same whether you use a lower or a higher screen resolution. Here is a screenshot from a netbook with 1024×600.

The following changes were done to the interface:

  • The buttons where put on top of the right panel
  • The trash icon where you could drag elements was removed and replaced with a button that when clicked removes all the elements from the desktop. Removing a single or only some elements is still possible by holding the CTRL key and selecting them with the mouse. Then press the DELETE key.
  • Hints are displayed on top of the window on the left and center panes. They are cycled every 15 seconds.
  • Displaying the total play time is enabled by default; it can be disabled from the Settings page.

A list of 44 new elements have been added to the game. The total is now 444. The list of new elements is:

Ambulance Liverpool
American football Lobster
Arsenal Manchester United
Audi Mercedes
Big Ben Monument
BMW Movie
C3P0 Music
Camel Nissan
Camera Oscar
Chelsea Picture
Colosseum Playcards
Cricket R2D2
Eiffel Tower Renault
Ferrari Rugby
Ford Sound
Formula 1 Sport
Guitar StarWars
Guitar hero Statue
Gymnastics Table tennis
Hockey Taj Mahal
Jellyfish Theater
Liberty Statue Toyota

The list with all the elements is available here.

The new version is also available in Hebrew. The total number of supported languages other than English is now 10. I want to thank again to all the volunteers that helped translating Alchemy to other languages. You can find their names in the Credits window. If anyone wants to help translating Alchemy to another language please drop a comment so I can contact you.

Download the latest version of the game from this page.

41 Replies to “Alchemy 2.0”

  1. Hi again !!

    I am stuck with Whale. How can we make whale from fish?? I tried using beast ocean etc. Nothing seems to work !!

  2. wow thanks for your hint , and sorry for asking that twice i didn’t notice that before
    btw , you can contact me if you need a translator to bahasa indonesia for your game 😉

  3. Hi Marius, AWESOME GAME dude!!! I’ve been playing your games since I downloaded a few days ago, if you need some assistance for SPANISH translation I’ll be truly happy to contribute.

    And how about adding this:
    Man + Milk = Woman
    Man + Woman = Sex
    Sex + Life = Baby

    BTW! I’m breaking my head trying to make a hippo :P!

    Have a great day!

  4. Man + Milk = Woman => LOL 😀 Well, Man is not the male human, it’s the human specie. I didn’t want to make the separation between man and woman.

    Hippo is not that hard; you just have to think what it is and where it lives.

    As for Spanish, sure I’m interested, and I’ll contact you.

  5. Ok, it’ll be great to help you, every single one of my buddies loved your game dude!! I have another friend who is willing to help in the spanish translation, so we can make it ASAP.

    how bout these suggestions:
    sandwich + king = Burger King?
    man + stone = Fred Flinstone
    whale + book = Mobydick

    well we have a lot of ideas for new combinations to help you improve this AWESOME game of yours.

    Have a great day!

  6. Hi Marius

    Im stucked & unable to create ” jelly fish ” from ocean. Though i tried with plankton + ocean and all other forms of life but could not get through.

    plz plz help me ……

    waiting for your reply

  7. Yes, you need ocean, but the other element is not something that lives in the ocean. It’s like a metaphor for a jellyfish. This fish is a transparent, jelly, smokish thing, that floats in the ocean. It’s like a … living in the ocean, not floating through the air.

  8. This is not the game you plain on Android. Many same elements have different combinations. This you’re trying does not exist. Life did not appear in swamps, it was somewhere else.

  9. hi, i can’t figure out how to create beer :(…
    i tried alcohol with yeast, bacteria, wheat, even germany ^^

  10. hi again 😀
    The pyramid is driving me crazy ^^ i tried nearly everything (desert, egypt, sand, stone, sun, grave, coffin, mummy…) but nothing seems to work.. i’m running out of ideas ^^
    thanks for your help 🙂

  11. Hi !
    You’re game is awesome but I noticed some mistakes in the french translation… If you need some help I’m here =)

  12. omule fii bun si zimi si mie cum se face CART-ul !!
    toata noaptea mi-am pierdut-o pentru CART-u ala !!

    ii fain jocu` !!

  13. Plzzz i really need help with beer from alcohol i know that someone already ask help with it and i’d like to know if he found how to do it i’ve tried wheat, yeast, bacteria, soda everythink i can immagine and still I can’t make it.

  14. hello marius!great game!
    i try to make flour out of wheat.I combine wheat with stone but nothing happens!the hint is stuck for making flour by the way!
    Thx in advance

  15. Bonjour,
    J’ai téléchargé le jeux mais je n’arrive pas à le traduire en français.
    A chaque fois que je séléctionne français sa me dit que le jeux a cessé de fonctionner.

    Pouvez-vous m’aider?

    Merci d’avance

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