Missing 64-bit compiler and tools

Let’s say you have this VC++ project (or maybe more) targeting a 64-bit platform (x64 or IA64). You have the sources, everything is set. You build the solution and your project is skipped. You try again, maybe do a rebuild. The project is still skipped. You check the solution’s configuration manager, and the project is indeed checked for building. What could be wrong?

You open the project properties but the page doesn’t load. You get this error:

What’s happening?

What’s happening is that you are missing the x64/IA64 compiler and tools. You did not check them when you installed Visual Studio.

You have to go back to the setup and add this component. However, you must notice that if you have installed the service pack for Visual Studio (regardless the version and edition) you must remove the service pack first, run the original setup, add the x64/IA64 compiler and tools and then install the service pack back. Otherwise the original setup for Visual Studio will fail. The reason is the service pack installation overrides things, making the original setup unable to run again.

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  1. Indeed, it’s an annoying situation when your projects skipping unexpected. I felt it on my skin twice and now when I install Visual Studio I check this thing too.

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