Alchemy 2.2 – 555 Elements and New Languages

During the past months I’ve been asked many times when a new release of Alchemy would come. Though I think the game already features a lot of elements, I have added a few more and here is it, Alchemy 2.2 with 55 more elements, which brings the total to 555.

These are the 55 new elements in version 2.2:

Airplane carrier Google Safari
Alfred Nobel Herman Melville Seahorse
Android Horse Steve Jobs
Angry Birds IE Tank
Apple (company) Internet Telephone
Army iPhone Tree house
Balloon Knight Twitter
Bill Gates Knowledge Wall
Boxer Lev Tolstoi War
Boxing Microsoft Wikipedia
Castle Mobile phone Windmill
Chess Network Window
Chrome Nobel Prize Windows
David Beckham Park Wireless
Dynamite Peace Writer
Facebook Picnic
Fashion Player
Firefox Plough
Food Printer
Food mixer Rice

In this release a lot of elements are related to IT (companies, software, people). Unfortunately, the new elements are not available in the following languages: French, Spanish, German. If you are willing to help translating them drop me a comment with your email (will not be published) and I’ll contact you.

The complete list of elements is available here.

What else is new?

  • Translations were added for Serbian (both Cyrillic and Latin) and Russian (Latin). In addition, some incorrectly translated elements in already existing translations were fixed.
  • A series of performance improvements to make the game faster. The most visible is when combining two elements. This used to take about 2 seconds when the number of discovered elements exceeded several hundreds. This experience has been improved.
  • A splash screen is displayed when the game starts, a process that can take up to 5-10 seconds (depending on the machine and number of discovered elements).

You can check more information and download the latest version here.

19 Replies to “Alchemy 2.2 – 555 Elements and New Languages”

  1. Awesome update Marius 🙂 ENjoying it even though I thoought up a few of them myself. Already stumped on making an Aircraft carrier…
    I found some minor errors in translations and will get them to you as soon as I find all combinations again, at 524 now…

  2. 538 now continuing tomorrow 🙂
    Still no aircraft carrier and also wondering about Google now 🙂
    Meh, I’ll try it with a clear head tomorrow.

  3. Hello

    Thanks for this update, I could help you to translate in French if you wish

    Best regards


  4. Hi Marius. I am from Pakistan and I love Alchemy game. I have found all the 555 combinations in just 12 hours. I am really thankful to you for such a nice effort, although I have played a several versions alchemy of android and pc but this one is awesome. Still waiting for more updates :). One more thing, I would like to contribute in your game by translating another language i.e. Urdu, the official language of Pakistan and spoken by nearly about 400000000+ people. I will really feel honored if you give me a chance to do so. Thanks and regards.

  5. Hi Marius, thanks for the game, I really love it !

    I used to play it in my notebook with win7, I’m trying to use int a win XP one and the app doesn’t open… Can you hemp me ? I should install something else to make it works?! Thanks a lot!

    Best regards from Brazil:)

  6. I’m at 433 elements and i can’t find lobster, i know i need water. But i just can’t find the second element. Maybe a small hinch in what direction i must look.

  7. Hi Marius,

    Great game! I love that you have so many elements, and many of them are funny and creative.

    Are you interested in user submissions for new elements/combinations? If so, how would you like those submitted?

    Also, I do want to mention that “Science + Universe” and “Science + Galaxy” should not both equal “Astronomy”. Instead, “Science + Universe” should equal “Cosmology”, as cosmology is more specifically the study of how the universe functions, how it began, and where it is going, whereas astronomy is more a study of stars, galaxies, space, and how physical objects operate or interact beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Not a big deal, obviously, but because your element combinations are SO intelligent and sometimes require very specific connections to be made, I was looking forward to making “Cosmology”, not “Astronomy” twice.

    Cheers, and THANK YOU for making such a wonderful game. I have played other alchemy and “doodle” element combination games, and yours is by far the most challenging (sometimes almost TOO challenging!) and offers the most creative and unique elements / combinations, which results in the greatest playing time of any game I have found to date. Magnific!

    Please feel free to email me if you would like more feedback on the game, if I can assist with beta-testing, element combinations / translations, etc.

    Best wishes,

    Aaron Calhoun

  8. mi juego tiene una falla el elemento “yoshi” no lo puedo hacer aunque combine “mario” y “1up”

  9. Hi Marius!
    I see you made a great success with your version of Alchemy.
    For the sake of Alchemy roots could you include the link to original android/ios alchemy on your game download page(s) ?

    Something like “If you want to play on your mobile device – get the Alchemy for mobiles

    Thanks & see ya.

    // Andrey “Zed” Zaikin

  10. Hi Marius. I want to create life in the game, i know it is made by energy and swamp, but this doesn`t works.I visited some sites and it sais “Life=Energy+Swamp”. What should I do?

    P.S.(I am Romanian).

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