Update MSF for Agile process template to use new features

Visual Studio 2012 provides support for new features, such as code review and feedback through the use of the Work Item tracking system in TFS. (You can read more about it in this article New Code Review feature in Visual Studio 2012).

However, to be able to use these features you must use a process template that supports them. If you try to access these features without upgrading the process template you get errors.

This feature can’t be used until your Team Foundation administrator has enabled it on the team project.

To use My Work to multi-task and manage your changes, you must enable the feature on the server.
Click here to enable the new features


The error in the verification step for configuring the team project happen because an old process template is in use.

If your current process template is MSF for Agile Software Development version 4.x then you need to follow the steps in this article: Update a Team Project Based on an MSF v4.2 Process Template.

To being able to update, you first have to download the latest version of the process template. You can do this from Visual Studio. Go to Team > Team Project Collection Settings > Process Template Manager and download the template.

After you have the process template files go ahead and update according to the steps defined in the before mentioned article. However, there is a missing command in the first step of the process. You need to change an additional system field than those mentioned in the article:

If you need to do this for multiple projects then you’ll have to run most of these steps for each project. So here are two batch files with commands you need to run:

  • update the Team Project collection (run only once):

    Note: Make sure you set the correct URL to your collection and replace TemplateDir with the actual path of the process template that you downloaded.

  • Update the Team Project (run once for each project)

    You execute the batch passing the name of the project (in quotes if it contains spaces).

After these commands have executed successfully you can go ahead and use the new features.

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