Memeful comments extension for Visual Studio 2019

Some time ago I published a Visual Studio extension called Memeful Comments for displaying images, including animated GIFs, alongside your code to enhance explanations with visuals or simply to express your reaction to the code. This extension is now available for Visual Studio 2019!

Download the extension from Visual Studio Marketplace.

The source code is publically available on GitHub.

In addition to the already supported languages (C#, C and C++, F#, VB.NET, JavaScript and TypeScript) the new version includes support for Python.

Another new feature included in this version is the support for the Visual Studio environment variables $(SolutionDir) and $(ProjectDir) in image URLs. Example:

class Sorting
   // <image url="$(ProjectDir)Images\radix.png" scale="0.5" />
   static void Radix(int[] arr)

You can provide feedback here.

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