Romanian Mint Rubbing Association

I just came across this great site,, the “official site” of Romanian Mint Rubbing Association. Mint rubbing is:

mint rubbing (from Romanian “a freca menta”) – time and life management technique developed in Romania and practiced by millions of people worldwide.

This site is dedicated to provide you all the resources need to put to use the wonderful effects of rubbing mint.

The testimonials are also rocking:

Dear Sir, Greetings from Romania! I’ve just found out about your efforts to get this ancient and wonderfull ancient Romanian art of “mint rubbing” known all over the world. I consider it one of the most intriguing and most pleasant arts in the world. It is a pitty that it is not (yet!) an Olimpic contest! I wish you more and more visitors and, with the help of others, to raize this art to the perfection. (claudiu)

I would like to join your respectable organization and receive montly publications about the most efficient methods of mint rubbing, because this is the only thing I can do, and I want to excel in this field. My dream is to rub mint like no man rubbed it before. (victor)

RMRA is one of the best things that happened to Romania. (alex)

The site also features a list of Romanian ancient wisdom. One that I like very much is this:


Don’t miss the site!

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