I have recently come across a website that proposes a series of programming challenges throughout December, until Christmas. It’s called Advent of Code and this is the fourth year it runs this competition. Every day, a new challenge is made available, and each challenge has two parts. You only get the second part after completing the first. It does not matter what programming language you use for solving the challenge, nor how the code looks or how fast it executes. The only thing that matters is the result.

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Two funny things I have discovered today. First is an easter-egg in a trace route, from people at that have inserted the plot of Star Wars Episode IV in their internal routes. Just traceroot to see what happens. Here is the listing:

The second is a funny error message when an error…

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Here is an overview of the things that I’ve done in 2012. Codexpert Revamped The main site for the Romanian C++ community has a brand new, modern look (all built with HTML5), making things easier to find. We also now feature a blog in English, which is intended to replace the old article section.…

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