LINQ Presentation and Demos Available for Download

On Saturday, April 22, I delivered a presentation on LINQ at a meeting of the RONUA community in Timisoara. The presentation was focused on sample codes for LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML and LINQ to SQL. Today I uploaded on the site the presentation and demo programs so that you can download them.

Here is the list of downloads:

  • power point presentation in Romanian (88.5 KB); requires PowerPoint 2007
  • demo programs: a solution with three VC# projects (16.2 KB): LinqToObjects, LinqToXML and LinqToSQL; requires Visual Studio Orcas March CTP; comments are in English
  • UCL database (135 KB): SQL Server 2005 Express database required by the LinqToSQL project

Make sure that in the LinqToSQL project you use the right path for the UCL.mdf file. Please post any kind of comments you might have about it.

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