Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries

Scott Guthrie announced today that Microsoft will release (under the Microsoft Reference License) the source code for the .NET Framework libraries, including:

  • .NET Base Class Libraries (System, System.IO, System.Collections, System.Configuration, System.Threading, System.Net, System.Security, System.Runtime, System.Text, etc)
  • ASP.NET (System.Web)
  • Windows Forms (System.Windows.Forms)
  • ADO.NET (System.Data)
  • XML (System.Xml)
  • WPF (System.Windows)

More than that, Visual Studio 2008 will provide debugging support for the library. Basically you’ll be able to see in the call stack the source file and line of a call from the library, and step into that code.

More about this you can read from Scott Guthrie’s blog.

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