Visma Developer Days 2010

I am currently in Oslo for Visma Developer Days 2010, a conference for developers and QAs within Visma R&D and partners, which ended today. There were about 300 people here from five countries. I’ve attended very interesting keynotes on open software, HTML5, Silverlight 4, DITA and Documentation 2.0 and presentation on various topics, ranging from deployment, automated tests or writing sustainable APIs, to SQL Server profiler, meta programming with T4, and other related to company specific products or processes. I also delivered a short presentation on concurrency with a focus on the new parallel libraries and tools from Visual Studio 2010.

Here are some pictures from Oslo.

National day, celebrated on May 17, draws lots of people dressed in national costumes.

Paula Seling and Ovidiu Cernauteanu, Romanian contestants for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, rehearsing in front of the City Hall.

On board of Fram, the famous ship that made three trips to the Artic and Antarctic regions under Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup, and Roald Amundsen.

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