A Series of Misfortunate Events with Office 2010

Last week I decided it was time to move forward from Office 2007 and install the new 2010 version. People were asking me for some time if I was trying the beta, but I was stubborn in not installing Office 2010 until the RTM. This is the journal of the past days of using Office 2010.

Day 1
I decided to install Office 2010. I also discovered that for the first time a 64-bit build was available. Since I had a Windows 7 64-bit machine, I thought I should prefer the 64 bit version over the 32 bit, because in theory at least, it should have performed better. So I downloaded and ran the 64-bit setup, but surprise, I could not install it until removing the previous, 32 bit version. That was a little bit pity, since I wanted to have them side-by-side; in case I had problems with Office 2010 I could rely on Office 2007. So I removed Office 2007 and installed 2010 x64. When I opened Outlook it was like boom, immediately showing up; the speed hit me. Plus some new features like the dashboard (File tab) or the Quick Tools. And it even found my existing 2007 profile and was able to use it, so everything was up and running. Until I opened the first email and Outlook crashed. I ignored it and restarted and went well, for a while. It only crashed 3 times the first day.

Day 2
Word 2010 crashed.
Outlook 2010 crashed.

Day 3
Outlook 2010 crashed a couple of times.

Day 4
Outlook 2010 crashed.
PowerPoint 2010 crashed.
It was time to look on the web for similar problems and I discovered others were having similar problems with the 64-bit version. So I decided I should remove it and install the 32-bit version. Things Done.

The first time I opened Outlook it crashed. Then PowerPoint 2010 crashed 6 times in 10 minutes while I was in a meeting with a colleague discussing a presentation. He laughed and told me the same happened to him. Then Outlook 2010 crashed while I was trying to send him an email. Then Word 2010 crashed when I opened a document. Things really started to get annoying. Then I had to make some new appointments in Outlook but accessing the calendar was a little bit cumbersome, as Outlook was on a crashing spree and crashed 3-4 times in several minutes.

It was time to let Office 2010 go and move back to the good old Office 2007 which used to work very good with no problems for a couple of years now. But when I put back Office 2007, my Outlook profile was no longer accessible, because Outlook 2010 somehow altered it in a way that Outlook 2007 was not able to understand. So I had to delete the old profile and make a new one. But now I’m all set again and things are going well.

The lesson learned is that Office 2010 is a no-no for the moment (luckily I didn’t have time to install it at home over the weekend as I was planning). I’ll be waiting for the first service pack, or even the next version if I continue to hear similar stories.

PS: on the other hand, IE9 looks promising on benchmarks.

4 Replies to “A Series of Misfortunate Events with Office 2010”

  1. Well, yesterday I was going to download the ISO image.
    Fortunately I forgot to do and it seems that I didn’t lost something. đŸ™‚
    I’m waiting for a stable version, too.

  2. Interesting though – I cannot confirm your experience. I am using Office 2010 x64 on a Windows7 Ultimate and it didn’t crash even once.

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