Office 2010 and How the Story Ends

A week ago I was reporting about the problems I had experienced with Office 2010. That was not the end of the story, and it’s probably fair enough to tell how it ends.

After installing Office 2010 64 bit and then 32 bit and both crashing every other 5 minutes, I returned to Office 2007. But then I got the help of Microsoft Support who provided a couple of scripts to clean-up the Windows Registry of anything related to Office 2007 and Office 2010. (The script for Office 2007 is available here; the one for Office 2010 is not yet published). I have then installed Office 2010 32 bit on a clean Registry and now all applications in the package work like a charm. No hanging, no crashing whatsoever. And I must say I was impressed by the support people, how they helped, how they called to check if everything was working, etc. The kind of support I wish to see everywhere.

I also learned that installing the 64 bit version is not recommended unless you really have some demands, like working with huge files, over 2GB (though I’m not sure what are the scenarios when one has Excel files bigger than 2GB). Add-ins for Office 32 bit might not work with the 64 bit version. (Though the add-ins I had in 2007 worked without any update when I installed Office 2010 32 bit.) More information about the 64 bit of Office 2010 can be found in this TechNet article.

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