MVP Global Summit 2011

The MVP Global Summit 2011 took place in Redmond and Bellevue at the beginning of March. This year I attended for the fifth time, and as usual it was a great time. Fellow MVPs, discussions with the Microsoft product groups, parties, everything made it worth it. And this year it was also a little bit special because I was named C++ MVP of the Year, a distinction shared with Kate Gregory. A 3rd C++ MVP, Sheng Jiang, was also named MVP of the Year as top answerer in the MSDN forums. As an MVP of the Year I was invited to attend a dinner held by S. Somasegar, senior vice president of the Developer Division at Microsoft, where I joined the other MVPs of the year in the awarded categories (such as C#, VB, ASP.NET, etc.), but also top figures from Microsoft, such as Scott Guthrie, Jason Zander, Anders Hejlsberg or Scott Hanselman and the Microsoft community leads. This is a picture from the event, showing, from left to right, Sheng Jiang, myself, Diego Dagum – Windows C++ community PM, and Kate Gregory.

Another special moment at this summit was being interviewed by Charles Torre for channel9. He did several interviews with C++ MVPs and these interviews were posted on channel9 recently. Here you can find the original post for the interview with Alon Fliess, Bruno Boucard, Jim Berveridge and myself. We talked mostly about C++, but also the MVP program.

The other interviews that I mentioned can be found here:

Looking forward for the next summit experience.

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