Alchemy 2.1 – 500 Elements And New Languages

Many of you have requested an update of the game, with new elements and challenges. After lot of time in coordinating the translations, the latest update is finally ready, with the exception of the German translation which is not available for the new elements (if anyone interested in helping there, please drop a comment). Alchemy 2.1 adds 56 new elements, bringing the total to 500. The game is now also available in Polish and Bulgarian, bringing the total number of languages to 16.

The list of the 56 new elements is:

Airport Dollar Physics
Artist Economics Plastic
Astronaut Economy Pound
Astronomy Euro Product
Bank Europe Safe
Basket Factory School
Basketball Geek School bus
Biology Geology Science
Blackboard Gift Sound mixer
Blowfish Giftbox Sound of Music
Box Hail Speakers
Cargo Helmet Student
Chalk Language Toolbox
Charles Darwin Linguistics Vault
Chemistry Linux Work
Christmas Moby Dick Worker
Company Money
Container Musician
Creditcard Nerd
Deposit box Paleontology

The entire list of elements (500) is available here.

Starting with this version, when you unlock all the available elements a notification is displayed, which looks like this:

In addition to these, some fixes were implemented. The most important is about the Wiki button, which used to always search in the English version of the encyclopedia. Now, it searches articles in the language selected in the game. That means if you use English it will continue to search in, but if you use French for example it will search at

I want to thank again to the people that translated the game. Your work is appreciated. If anyone else wants to translate Alchemy to a language not yet available please drop a comment so I can contact you.

Any feedback or suggestion is welcomed.

You can download the latest version of the game from this page.

35 Replies to “Alchemy 2.1 – 500 Elements And New Languages”

  1. Hi Marius,

    Just one more day and Alchemy for Windows accist one year……….

    I am proud to be one of the translators and will help you if you need more translations in the future.

    I have someone who can help you whit the German translation. He will contact you soon……

    Greets from Holland…….


  2. I’m stuck. I have 4 more to go and I can’t do the container. I’ve tried mixing the box with everything I have and nothing.
    Could someone give me a hint???

  3. Hey Marius, great game, but I have a nice feature suggestion. Its about full screen button, now Alchemy opens every time in window and when for example I finish game with many elements on screen (maximized window), after I start new game, it appears again in window and all elements are just on top of each other, the only way to see clearly is to use clear button. Can you add button open in full screen?
    Second thing is about Polish translations, some elements are translated wrong, or they seem ok, but after I switch to english version I realize you meant something else by this item. Contact me if you want, I will rewrite missed translations and send it back to you. Cheers.

  4. Just a question :

    This game is so great. When can we expect a nex update with some new elements. There could be plenty of possibilities, with the items already in game.

  5. This game was so addictive! I want to thank you very much for it. Great job! If you go for a total of 1000 elements for the next update it will be awesome. There are so many ideas i have lol πŸ˜€ . Thank you again you rule!

  6. Hey guys, I can’t get life (Life the “element” I mean…) in the game, I’ve even followed the instructions given to me, is it a bug or am I making a mistake?

  7. Hi,
    german translation is wrong for deleting single elements. German translation says, that you can delete single elements only by throwing them into trash, but you can’t get them out of the window.

    Nevertheless great job! *thumbsup*

  8. HI There
    love alchemy its so addictive ive got 404 done so far, but can get zerg. any tips?

  9. nevermind lol. i tried the obvious combination a few times but it didnt work, but it just did now and have unlocked all the elements yay πŸ˜€

  10. How do you make a planet. It tried everything so far. I know i need continent, but i tried every element i have on it and it still won’t work. On the other alchemy its double continent, but that won’t work. So please i need your help.

  11. We’ve been addicted to this game but am really struggling to work out how to make gift. Please help.

  12. I can not figure out Safe. I know it needs metal and I keep thinking of the Vault combo on accident lol. any advice for safe?

  13. Hi, you this game has a huge number of fans in Iran so I wish to translate it for people who do not know English. Contact me, thanks.

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