Letter from a concerned developer

Dear Microsoft,

I have recently read the two blog posts about the new “developer experience” with Visual Studio 11 (part 1 and part 2). I don’t have the IDE yet (since the beta will be made available on February 29), but from the blog posts I see that you once again changed the look and feel. Why do you have to do this all the time? Can’t you sell a new version without redesigning the UI? We don’t get used well with a version and you change the game again. And like it wasn’t bad enough to do such a big changed, you decided to go with a chrome theme. This is what I call “Windows disabled”; you can’t get a good feeling of what is enabled and what is not. Everything is in tones of gray and confusing.

Why do you have to invest all that time in redesigning the UI with each release? Why don’t you focus on making the current UI more responsible (for instance VS2010 takes 1 minute on my machines to start) and less buggy? Why don’t you invest that time in building features that make our lives easier? Like providing multiple windows for search results (not just two) or supporting auto completion (like it was in all versions until VS2010) in the folder selection fields in the New Project dialog?

So dear Microsoft, please

  1. make it possible for us to change the Chrome theme to the old colored theme
  2. don’t change the UI with each version

A concerned developer

PS: I still can’t get out of my mind the horror or scrolling with the mouse on Windows 8 maybe 5 screens of colorful tiles to get to the app that I want to launch. Awful! As it stands I see big failures on the horizon.

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