Task Dialog in MFC

The new MFC library from Visual Studo 2010 supports another Vista specific feature, the task dialog. This is meant as a replacement for the classic dialog box, and can display command links, customized buttons, customized icons, and a footer.

Here is an example of such a dialog (from Windows Server 2008).

MFC contains a new class called CTaskDialog that implements the task dialog. You must include afxtaskdialog.h in your files to be able to use it. Since the task dialog is available only on Vista or newer versions (Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7) you must check whether you can use it or not. For that the class CTaskDialog provides a static method called IsSupported() that returns true if the task dialog is available on the running operating system. In addition, the task dialog is only available when you build for UNICODE.

The code below shows how to create and display the task dialog from the previous image.

In this sample IDS_SAVE_OPTION1 (“Save in XML based format”) and IDS_SAVE_OPTION2 (“Save in binary format (old version)”) are two strings defined in the string table from the Resource editor.

There are several predefined icons in commctrl.h that can be used as the main icon.

The following flags for default buttons are defined in the same header:

An easier way to create a task dialog, but with fewer customization options is using the static method ShowDialog() from CTaskDialog. The following example displays a dialog similar to the first one.

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  1. Oooh, niiice, a new type of dialog with extra buttons that don’t look like buttons and aren’t laid out where the user expects buttons to be laid out. Another beautiful gem produced by Microsoft’s fantastic stupidity in matters of User Interaction.

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