New Colors Game in WPF

Last year I posted a small MFC application on my blog, called Colors Game, about covering with a single color a grid initially colored in six colors. It wasn’t a big deal of an application, but it was fun and recently I decided to write a WPF version of that MFC game. This is the result:

The game is about covering in a single color a grid that starts with each cell colored randomly with one of six possible colors. You must expand the working region initially defined my the top-left cell throughout the entire grid. You select to color this working region with a new color that should match the color of neighboring cells. These cells are then merged into the working region. The game ends when you covered the grid in a single color. However, each level has a maximum allowed number of moves (or colorings) that you can do, and you only complete (or win) the level if you don’t exceed this number.

The image below shows how the working region expands towards the entire grid.

This new game has a more appealing interface and a richer set of features:

  • can select any of the available levels
  • you can change color themes for windows and for the grid
  • view statistics about your previous plays in any level
  • progress and settings are stored on disk and automatically reloaded when starting the application again

The game is described in details on this dedicated page. If you download an install the game, you should read that before playing.

If you find the game too easy, then I propose to use one of the more challenging color themes such as the Back and White one. Here is a screenshot:

Download the latest version of the game from here and enjoy it!

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