April good reads

Here is my list of good reads from April:

What I’ve been writing about:

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  1. Hi Marius!
    Sorry for an off-topic post here but anyway… I’ve seen the code in your “Evaluating expressions” article and was very impressed – very nice code!
    I’m wanting to do a small public-domain parser in C (rather than C++) so would you be ok with me using that code in my parser and converting it? I’ll happily give credit to you, no problem there!

    Looking forward to hearing from you – keep up the good work!
    Bye for now –
    – Andy

  2. Yes, you are free to use it. Mind that it was written years ago for didactical purposes only. So you might need to do some adjustments, thorough error checks, etc. to put it into production code.

  3. Great! Thanks for that, Marius! Good suggestion about error-checks too – I’ll keep that in mind…. 🙂

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