Putting the fun in C++

The post-Kona mailing list of the new standards papers has been recently published (you can find it here). Going through the titles I could not help smiling because some of them are really funny. So I decided to make a top 10 of the funniest paper titles. Here it is:

<=> != == Barry Revzin
I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream for istream_iterator Casey Carter
Make Me A Module Nathan Sidwell
Byteswapping for fun&&nuf Isabella Muerte
Contracts That Work Joshua Berne, John Lakos
Contracts: why the house is not on fire Ville Voutilainen
Are modules fast? Rene Rivera
Don’t add to the signed/unsigned mess Bjarne Stroustrup
Tell Programmers About Signed Integer Overflow Behavior Scott Schurr
Partial program correctness S. Davis Herring

Don’t say people are not having fun when they write these papers.

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