Don’t Post Like This

Being active on large communities such as CodeGuru or MSDN forums I see every day people asking question in the worst possible manner; questions that simply can’t be answered because they are either very ambiguous or ar lacking any useful information about the problem. Some time ago I decided to make a list os such questions….

Kids wanna write games

Being active in several forums for developers (CodeGuru, MSDN, Ronua) I see quite often people saying “I want to write games; what do I have to learn?” Turns out that the kind of games they want to write vary from chess to card games, from shooters to stragety games over the internet. But they can’t…

Romanian Mint Rubbing Association

I just came across this great site,, the “official site” of Romanian Mint Rubbing Association. Mint rubbing is: mint rubbing (from Romanian “a freca menta”) – time and life management technique developed in Romania and practiced by millions of people worldwide. This site is dedicated to provide you all the resources need to put…

Charles Simonyi on the ISS

Yesterday I posted an article about readability of code, code conventions, Hungarian notation and its inventor, Charles Simonyi. Today I found that he paied between 20-25 million dollars for a 10-days stay on the International Space Station. Moreover, Space Adventure Ldt., the company that organizes the trips said it will bring special meals for him. You…

Hello World!

Since this is my first post I though it would be best to start with a “hello world”! I hope I will be able to keep you informed with interesting and fresh information. Marius