The Evolution of Functions in Modern C++

In programming, a function is a block of code that performs a computational task. (In practice, people write functions that perform many tasks, which is not very good, but it’s a topic beyond the purpose of this article). Functions are a fundamental concept of programming languages and C++ makes no exception. In fact, in C++ there is a large variety of functions that has evolved over time. In this article, I will give a brief walkthrough of this evolution starting with C++11. Since there are many things to talk about, I will not get into too many details on these topics but will provide various links for you to follow if you want to learn more.

Use Cases of Variable Templates in C++

Since C++14 variables can also be templatized. A variable template defines a family of variable (when declared at namespace scope) or a family of static data members (when defined at class scope). The question is, what is the benefit of variable templates?