Reference a XAML From Another Project

When you create a WPF application, the start-up window is by default one from the same project (by default called Window1.xaml).

But what if you want to use a window from another project (class library)? The pack URI scheme, used by WPF, allows you to identify and load files from:

  • the current assembly
  • a referenced assembly
  • a location relative to an assembly
  • the site of origin for the application

The format of the pack URI is pack://authority/path. The authority identifies the type of package and the path the location of a part inside a package. There are two authorities supported by WPF:

  • application:/// identifies application data files (known at compile time)
  • siteoforigin:/// identifies site of origin files

To use resource files from a referenced assembly you need to use the application:/// authority, and the path must have the form AssemblyShortName[;Version][;PublicKey];component/Path. Version and PublicKey are optional.

Let’s say you want to use a XAML called SampleWindow.xaml from a referenced assembly called WpfDemoLib. The App.xaml file should look like this:

You can learn more about pack URIs in WPF from MSDN.

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  1. That’s save my day, Thanks for your work. May I know ?,what these three commas after “application/” in

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