DotNetZip Library

.NET 3.0 provides some support for working with ZIP files. However, it has an important drawback: it only works for packages that are conformant to the Open Packaging Convention standard. Most of the ZIP files are not. Codeplex features a library called DotNetZip that provides support for packing and unpacking in C#, VB.NET or any other .NET language, but also any COM environment, including Javascript, VBSCript, VB6, VBA, PHP, Perl. In addition to the basic packing and unpacking operations, it supports password protection, UNICODE filenames, ZIP64 and AES encryption, comment, and others. Here are some simple samples.

Creating a ZIP file:

Unpacking to a target folder:

Display the content of a ZIP archive:

You can find many more examples on Codeplex: C# and VB.NET.

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