My open-source projects are moved to GitHub

I used to have several open-source projects available on CodePlex. At the end of 2017, the site was put in read-only mode and it will probably be closed at some point. Therefore, I have decided to move the projects that could still be useful to GitHub.

MFC Collection Utilities
A small library that enables developers to use MFC containers (arrays, lists, maps) with range-based for loops. The library consists of a single header that you include in your MFC projects.

#include "mfciterators.h"

void func(CStringArray const & arr)
   for(auto const & str : arr)
      // do something with str

CMap<int, CString> map;
map.SetAt(1, "one");
map.SetAt(2, "two");
map.SetAt(3, "three");
for(auto const & kvp : map)
   // do something with the key-value pair
   TRACE("%d-%s\n", kvp.key, kvp.value);



A header-only C++ template library for manipulating the settings of a Windows console (colors, text position, input mode, etc.)


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